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“Amendment 1, Clean Missouri amendment” or  “How to cancel out the rural vote in Missouri”

Amendment 1, which is on the ballot this Nov. 6, is another deceptive and confusing voter initiative. It has many good things in it, but as usual, there is a snake hidden in the wood pile that should concern everyone in our county. The Amendment proposed did not pass in the House. It’s a people’s initiative (which in St. Louis and KC is not hard to get the signatures needed). 

In it, the state auditor will appoint one person, (another government position) to draw the district lines for representation and for voting instead of the current bi-partisan voting commissioners. To nullify a new redistricting scheme, 70% of the voting commissioners have  to REJECT THE PROPOSED REDISTRICTING.  If the voting commissioners are 50% from each party, that’s going to be impossible to achieve. 

This amendment mandates the voting districts to be skewed to have 50% Democrats and 50% Republicans in the same district (if you believe that to be the true outcome).  The only way to accomplish this is for Douglas County to be enclosed in a St. Louis district. 

Think of St. Louis as a wheel hub with several spokes extending out to enclose rural counties. It’s a sneaky way of canceling the vast majority of the state’s rural votes. 

Let’s think about this. The current system is cumbersome for a reason, and requires the state legislature’s direct involvement with approval. The proposed system is giving a lot a power to one person: the state auditor.  This situation is a lobbyist’s dream as one big gorilla is easier to control than 163 monkeys. 

Every voter, regardless of political view, should be concerned with the hidden dangers of this proposal. 

Google is pushing hard for it. Google is a liberal company that is not being fair in what they list in the search. Please, educate yourself on this amendment. Look it up and read Amendment 1. Everything I’ve stated is in there.

  Beth McElvain