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Ava R-1 Bus Inspection Results

The Missouri State Highway Patrol recently released inspection results for the Ava R-1 School District:
Number of buses inspected:32
% Approved: 62.5
% Defective: 28.1
% Out of Service: 9.4
According to Ava Superintendent Aaron Dalton, “We had 32 buses inspected, 3 of which were designated as Out of Service, with 9 designated as Defective. Out of Service issues identified included exhaust issues, tire tread, and an emergency hatch buzzer issue.
Issues resulting in buses being identified as Defective included light/reflector issues, defroster issues, indicator light, seat padding, and mounting bracket issues.
The majority of the buses with identified issues had them corrected and approved on the same day as the initial inspection. Buses are designated for the report based upon the first inspection, even if the issue is corrected on-site.
No Out of Service buses were used to transport students until all issues were resolved.”