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Ava Mayor and Douglas County Presiding Commissioner Respond to Gov. Parson’s State Stay-At-Home Mandate

(April 4, 2020) –– This morning, City of Ava Mayor Burrely Loftin and Douglas County Commissioner Lance Stillings released the following statement concerning the stay-at-home order announced by Missouri Governor Mike Parson on Friday, April 3.  
“An order has come down from Governor Parson that will impact the city and county.   Beginning at midnight Monday, April 6th, the Governor issued a stay-at-home order that will run through April 24th.  
“Under the order, Missourians can only leave home for essential activities, which includes those who work for an essential business or for essential travel.  
“The order explicitly states Missourians should avoid leaving their homes unless necessary. 
“Businesses providing essential services include offerings such as grocery stores, gas stations, banks, and drive-thru windows that serve meals and food items. Missourians are also allowed to participate in outdoor recreation activities, such as walking in the park, Frisbee golf, or golf.  However, in all instances, social distancing guidelines must be followed.   
“Businesses impacted by this mandate include beauty salons, barber shops, game rooms, clothing stores, flower shops, and bars. 
“Walmart, Town & Country Supermarket, Dollar General, gas stations, and banks will remain open.  Keep in mind fire and building code occupancy will be enforced.  Please limit visits to one person, if possible.  
“To answer a question posed by many concerned citizens, Emerson will be open.  The company is deemed essential because they build scroll compressors for cooling units which are needed in hospitals, blood banks, food chains, and grocery stores. 
“The City and County will continue to follow and support mandates handed down by Gov. Parson. There will be no additional restrictions added by the city or county.”