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Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor:

It was just last week, March 19, 2020, when the most cogent, most concise examination of our society’s response to “the drug problem” that I have read in any newspaper appeared in the Douglas County Herald.

Tom Kara, from Norwood, Missouri, took the time to construct, polish, and submit for publication a truly excellent “Letter to the Editor: that touched upon just about every important aspect of the “War On Drugs.”

Every paragraph provides useful beginning for conversations that address that “War” from the deplorable lack of attention paid to more serious problems we face every day, to the irrational business model that actually encourages penal incarceration as a private sector revenue generator.

I feel confident that the Publisher will submit Tom Kara’s “Letter to the Editor” for some sort of award that newspapers must surely present to those “civilians” who take the time to enhance our periodicals with letters such as this one.

Tom Kara’s letter critiquing our “War On Drugs” and the “Letter to the Editor” below it from Blue Barringer writing to the question “How can I be of use?” in reference to the coronavirus thing are examples of the ideas that local residents can submit for publication in the Douglas County Herald.

As is the case with so many other subscribers, we look for the “Letter to the Editor” section as soon as we get our hands on the paper. There are so many good ideas and so much talent here among local residents that it is a mystery why so few letters show up. It is a fact that the Herald will print just about any letter that is decently expressed and signed. We look forward to the time when the section in the Douglas County Herald called “Letter to the Editor” becomes “Letters to the Editor” on a regular basis. Why not contribute your two cents? Tom Kara and Blue Barringer have.

Wayne William Cipriano

Douglas County