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Filing Closes, Race is on for Ava and Thornfield School Board Seats

by Michael Boyink /

If you were hoping to be an Alderman or a school board member and you haven’t yet filed your intentions, it’s too late.

Filing period is over. 

It closed on January 21, 2020 at 5:00 p.m.

The list of confirmed candidates follows. The only real races will be for Ava and Thornfield School Boards. 

Ava City Council, Ava Ambulance Board, Plainview School Board, Skyline School Board, and Bradleyville School Board races are all non-starters, as the number of candidates equals the number of open seats.

Order as shown is not necessarily the order the candidates will appear on the formal ballot.

Ava City Council – Two Seats
Keith Jones, East Ward (incumbent)
Stan Lovan, West Ward (incumbent)

Ava Ambulance Board – Two Seats
James Brown (incumbent)
Keith Moore (incumbent)

Ava R-1 School Board – Three Seats
Kenny Fleetwood (incumbent)
Mark Henry (incumbent)
Michael Stewart (incumbent)
Troy Tredway
Lowell Strong
Vernard (Vern) Deatherage

Plainview RIII School Board – Three Seats
Dustin Mitchell (incumbent)
Jordan Jones
Ronnie Trent

Skyline R-1 School Board – Three Seats
James Brixey (incumbent)
William Harden (incumbent)
James Hurt

Thornfield R-1 Schools – Three Seats
Travis Tucker (incumbent)
Rita Renee Graham
Terry Ewing (incumbent)
Donnie Cunningham (incumbent)
William Mitch Cook

Bradleyville R1 School Board – Three Seats
Duffy Mooney  (incumbent)
Ryan Melton (incumbent)
Cody Rogers (incumbent)

The General Municipal Election will be held on April 7th, 2020.