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Ava City Council Approves Replacement of City Hall Furnaces

by Michael Boyink /

On Tuesday, October 8th, the Ava Board of Aldermen convened for a business session at 5 p.m.

City Finances

City Treasurer Peggy Porter reported that the city’s finances were “very good” with $2.5M across its accounts. So far the reserve funds established earlier this year are untouched, but some larger expenses are expected yet this year.

Bill #19/10.15

The Aldermen decided to table the reading of this bill involving rights and duties of riders within the city limits. 

City Cleanup

The city-wide cleanup will be held October 21 – 25. Details will be available in the local media, as well as on the city’s Facebook page.

Grand Avenue Sewer

Mayor Loftin reported that the Grand Avenue sewer project is almost done. The crews saw no issues with the work after the heavy rains this past weekend.

Powerline Brush

Loftin reported that the city brush crew has been clearing tree limbs and entire trees to avoid interference and future maintenance on the powerlines.

Valley Avenue Powerlines

Loftin said the city is waiting for one more power pole, then expects to begin reworking the power on Valley Avenue. Some outages will be necessary, and Loftin said the city could communicate those both in the media and via door to door canvassing.

Comprehensive Plan

Loftin discussed the upcoming work on the city’s 10 year comprehensive plan. Copies of the past plan were distributed to the Aldermen for review. 

Maintenance Work

Loftin talked about some maintenance projects coming up for when the crews are done mowing for the year. One was drying out a maintenance building that had flooded in the past. Loftin said the plan is to dry it out, seal the walls, and install better drainage.

Transformer Pad

Loftin reported that city crews were going to take on the pouring of a cement pad by the maintenance building. The goal is to get available transformers sitting on the cement.

Bobcat Equipment

The city has ordered some new Bobcat equipment, and plans to sell or return a couple pieces purchased a few years ago but never used. The Aldermen agreed to spend $5895 on the Bobcat equipment, which includes brushhogger that will fit on the front of a skid-steer, allowing the city to mow in places it currently cannot.

Military Equipment

Mayor Loftin reported progress in the effort to source a piece of military equipment to be located in the Veterans Memorial in Ava City park. Senator Cunningham’s secretary is assembling a list of available items to make available to the City.

Furnace Bids

The Aldermen voted 4-0 to accept a bid for $24,807 from Leland Barns to replace three furnaces at City Hall. The cost will be divided up between four funds, since those funds all are located within the City Hall building.

Wastewater Treatment Plant

The project of changing out one of the wastewater treatment plant filters will begin later this week.

Closed Session

There was no closed session.


Councilmen present were Billy Stewart, Noel Dye, Keith Jones, and Stan Lovan.


Video from the Ava Board of Aldermen meeting will be posted to the Douglas County Herald’s website at

Next Meeting

City officials and aldermen will reconvene on October 22nd at 5 p.m. at City Hall. Meetings are open to the public.