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Dear Editor: 

Animal cruelty is when you have a pet that you do not have neutered or spayed, and you allow the cat or dog to reproduce unwanted offspring. I have a stray cat with 8 kittens, born near me. The mother cat is very thin.  I cannot find a shelter for cats and the only one I have heard of is “full up”.  There is no place in Ava for rescued animals.  

Cats especially can produce multiple litters every year. Maybe one would think twice about taking that cute little kitten home if you also thought about how you would not enjoy seeing the kitten later on having babies and more babies. 

What do you do with them? 

Pretty soon the friends wear thin when it comes to taking one of the cats. 

Neutered or spayed cats make much better pets.  They are wonderful companions for someone living alone.  

Norma Thompson