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Donated Handmade Fire Pit Illuminates POW/MIA Cause

Submitted Photo This hand-made custom fire pit was recently donated to the Douglas County Veterans Memorial Association

Last fall, when The Wall That Heals visted Ava, the Douglas County Veterans Memorial Association (DCVMA) members and other visitors enjoyed viewing a one-of-a-kind fire pit made by a metal worker. He created the fire pit and shared it with visitors to The Wall in honor of his father, a Vietnam Veteran. 

After The Wall exhibit left Ava, two individuals took it upon themselves to honor their families and the DCVMA by creating a local version of the metal fire pit. It took them over 200 hours to complete, and is valued at over $5000.

On Saturday, March 16, the fire pit was donated to the DCVMA with the donors choosing to remain anonymous.

The fire pit includes the silhouette of a POW/MIA, stars, the words “You Are Not Forgotten” and DCVMA initials. 

It’s currently lit by an electric bulb so the silhouette and words stand out in the dark. Later, if used as a fire pit, the flame from the wood will provide the illumination. 

The DCVMA invites the public down to see this piece of art and memorial to our veterans. The Douglas County Veterans Memorial Association want to give a hardy thank you and their sincere appreciation to the donors and the metal worker who made this possible.