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Local Resident Cautions Folks About Letter From Colorado Property Investment Company

A local resident recently notified the Herald of a letter they received at the first of the year from a Colorado company offering to purchase their land in Douglas County.  

The letter states “ We would like to purchase your land in Douglas County, Mo. as referenced in the enclosed Purchase Agreement.  The source of your ownership record is from the Douglas Assessor and this information is public record and available to anyone who requests it.”   

All true –– everyone has legal access to property ownership records via the Douglas County Courthouse, or online.

But, according to the Douglas County land owner who received the letter, the purchase price offered in the proposed agreement was well below the actual value of the property.  

The letter continued on to state the purchase price would be paid in full at the time of closing, noting certain contingencies would apply. Again, all legitimate requests.    

This offer was brought to our attention as a cautionary warning to alert folks of this real estate purchase agreement that is being offered through the mail.   

Please remember, before signing a real estate agreement, it is important to research the integrity of the company making the offer. It is also important to know the true value of the property in question.  If current value is unknown, consider having the land appraised before accepting an unsolicited offer from an out-of-state company.