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Ava Middle School Students of the Month

In October, the character word of the month was respect, and students shown above were selected by the teaching staff as representatives who embody that trait.  The students are, front row, second from left, Chloe Young, Kierra Lamb, Zach Perkins, Elle Key; back, l to r, Hunter Adams, Addison Wallace, Matthew Lakey, Connor Prock, and Glenda Little, representing Kiwanis. 

During October, the Ava Middle School character word was respect, and for the month, eight students, two from each grade level, were selected for exhibiting the trait.  The following staff comments were made about each student.

In eighth grade, Kierra Lamb and Conner Prock were chosen. 

Kierra is kind and thoughtful to everyone.  She is considerate of others and sets a good example of what respect should look like.  She quietly does the right thing for herself, setting an example for others as to what respect can do when you have it for yourself and those nearby.  

Connor shows the truest form of respect as he treats everyone with high regard, no matter who they are.  Conner is dependable, reliable and treats others with kindness. His treatment of others is the kind of respect we all should exhibit. 

In seventh grade, students chosen were Addison Wallace and Matthew Lakey. 

Addison is respectful to not only  her teachers, but to her classmates as well. She shows kindness to all and is a true friend to others. 

Matthew exhibits respectfulness every single day of the week. Matthew chooses not to follow those who attempt to be disruptive or funny, but he is naturally respectful to everyone and treats others with genuine kindness. 

Sixth grade students, Chloe Young and Hunter Adams, were chosen as representatives of respect. 

Chloe is always very respectful and willing to help out in any way. 

Hunter treats others with respect, and is always willing to help. 

In fifth grade, Zach Perkins and Elle Key were selected as respectful students. 

Zach is polite and respectful to teachers and students, every day.

Elle is very respectful. She always puts others feelings before her own. She has a positive outlook and is always smiling.