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Letter to the Editor: Remember Those Honored by The Wall



To the Douglas Co. Herald,

When I read in the paper about the Vietnam Wall being set up in your area, I called your office to tell  you about my nephew, Reginald King. He was killed in Vietnam on Valentine’s Day 1969. The person I spoke to said, “send his story and it would be included when you do a story about the wall.”

I’m enclosing a school picture. 

He was a dear little boy, my sister Mary’s son. Mary said Reggie had a small Bible that he always carried with him. She was so in hopes it would be returned to her, but it wasn’t. Mary attended Ava High School part of her four years.

Mary often told us that the worse day of her life was when she saw two servicemen walking to her front door. She knew their reason for coming. The message that her son had been killed on Valentine’s Day. It is beyond understanding the brave young people entering the service with the possibility for active duty. I’m very glad that more honor and recognition is being given to our veterans.

I’m enclosing a picture of the Wall. Reggie’s name is in the 10th row down – midway.

I’ll be grateful if you print a small part of his story. I’ve always been pleased with the editing you do with my articles. I apologize for my scribbling. I will soon be ninety, so find it gets more difficult to write and spell.

Thanks again, 

Lois Moore

I graduated from Ava High School in 1946.