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The People Have Voted: Prop A Defeat Should Be the End of Legislators’ Attempts to Force Right to Work

To the Editor:

On August 7th the PEOPLE of Missouri, once again, defeated attempts to make Missouri a so-called “Right to Work” state. Proposition A, as it was identified on the Primary ballot, was soundly defeated 67.46% to 32.5%. The Missouri legislature had passed SB 19 in 2016/2017 and the legislation was signed into law by former Governor Eric Greitens to go into effect in August of that year. However, the PEOPLE of Missouri vehemently opposed the legislation and were able to gather enough petition signatures in all eight Congressional Districts to prevent its implementation and force a petition amendment to once again go before the PEOPLE for a vote. The Republican dominated Missouri Legislature also attempted to impact the vote on Proposition A, by moving the vote from the November General election to the August Primary election when there is lower voter turnout particularly among voters likely to vote No. But even that did not work.  

As far back as 1978 “Right to Work” had been brought before the PEOPLE for a vote. Back then it was Amendment 23 and it too was defeated by the PEOPLE, 60.02% to 39.98%. In 2015 the Missouri legislature again attempted to pass “Right to Work” legislation but were unable to override then Governor Jay Nixon’s veto.

Enough is enough. The PEOPLE have spoken, repeatedly….it’s time for the Missouri legislature to stop trying to force legislation which clearly the PEOPLE of Missouri do not want. Stop wasting the People’s time, energy, and above all money. 

Our Missouri motto “Salus populi suprema lex esto” translated means “The welfare of the people shall be the supreme law”. Notice that it refers to the PEOPLE, not corporations or just the richest political donors. The PEOPLE of Missouri have spoken and they know what is in their best interest. So, Missouri Legislature, JUST STOP. There should be no further attempts to pass “Right to Work” legislation.,_Right_to_Work_Referendum_(August_2018)

Barbara Nyden

Willow Springs, Mo.