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Letter to the Editor – Unfair Treatment By School – 6.23.2016

In response, the Thursday school board meeting was well orchestrated.  The teachers address was heart-warming, for the good of the children speech, by saving a hundred thousand a year off the transportation budget; seems to be a good idea, but the administration never could come up with the figures to prove their thesis.

One wise person’s thoughts surprised me with an in-depth perception of how the teachers would react if this was to happen to them!

First, they would lose their retirement;

Second, they would lose their seniority;

Third, start out a beginner’s base pay;

Fourth, they would have to reapply for their job again at the beginning of the new school year.

If that was to happen, the screams for justice would echo across the state of Missouri; signs would surround the school and be strewn along North Jefferson, and in the surrounding counties.  National media would be alerted to their being treated unfairly!

I would like for all those who put on the show last night, to just step back and think what it would be like if the shoe was on the other foot, but it would be for the good the children!


                        Bill Holt