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Letter to the Editor – Community Center – 6.23.2016

To the Editor:

I heard that the Ava Community Center was looking for some volunteers to deliver hot meals on a daily basis to shut-ins.  It is a great program and I stopped in to see about it.

I spoke with Bonnie Evans who has been running these programs at the center for over 20 years.  She gave me a full history of the place and told me about some of the services they offer.

Besides hot meals delivery program they do periodic health screenings, they will help you select a Medicare program that is best for you, they will even prepare your income tax return for you, all at NO COST!  If you are hungry, a nutritious lunch is available at a very reasonable price, or you can just drop in anytime to socialize or get into one of the card games (but watch out for Billy Fletcher, a notorious card shark).

Bonnie Evans told me about several other programs that I cannot recall, they have that many.  I do remember she said many of their services and programs are under-utilized and they are always inviting citizens to stop by.

Give her a call at 683-5712, if some of these things interest you or if you are looking for some help – she will steer you to the right place.

The Ava Community Center is a really valuable asset to our area and it would be a shame if it were to disappear due to lack of participation.

Remember what they say, “Use It Or Lose It!”

Wayne William Cipriano, Douglas County