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Ava Summer Fest Moves Forward

The Ava Summer Fest committee is proud to announce that it has recently reorganized as the Ava Summer Festival Association.
Ava Summer Fest was originally formed as an activity of the Ava Area Chamber of Commerce, and from its inception, was slated to become a “stand-alone” event at some point over the next few years.
During the recent planning meeting for the coming event, the committee members decided to move in that direction now and establish the association as a separate entity, allowing the Chamber and itself more freedom to adequately and efficiently operate.
Also, during this meeting, officers were elected as follows: Anthony Carmichael, president; Marie Bristol, vice president; Marilyn Sickler, secretary/treasurer; and Caleb Carmichael, assistant treasurer.
The Association recently applied for and was granted its certificate of incorporation as a non-profit organization from the state of Missouri.
The Summer Fest committee is grateful to the Ava Area Chamber of Commerce for its continued support and looks forward to working with the Chamber in the future. The committee is currently holding scheduled meetings at the MOCH Wellness Center at 5:30 p.m. on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month to plan the 2015 Ava Summer Fest, scheduled for May. If interested in participating in any way, please call 417-543-6333 for more information.
Some of the standing committees on which you might serve are Entertainment, Fundraising and the Volunteer committee.
You can contact the Summer Fest committee on Facebook at or their website: Ava Summer Fest: