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Goodhope Area Family Scammed by Bogus Sweepstakes Call

Area residents are being warned once again to beware of scams. The best rule of thumb is to never pay anyone to activate your winnings and do not give credit card information over the phone for anything you did not order.
A Goodhope area resident told the Herald this week that she received a phone call advising her that she had won $250,000 in a mega-million dollars sweepstakes.
At first, the caller asked her to send $750, then reduced the amount to $100 to activate the winnings. Of course, the entire call was bogus.
The Herald has heard just this week of other fraudulent telephone calls similar to the one mentioned above.
Again, we share this word of caution. Winners are typically not selected at random. If you did not enter a contest, you are probably not a winner. Be very careful about answering questions or sharing information with anyone you are not familiar with.
If you believe you have been scammed, get as much information as possible from the caller and give it to the sheriff’s office or police department.