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December 2013 Saw Wide Range of Temperatures

The weather summary for December 2013 shows temperatures ranged from a high of 67 degrees to a low of 6 degrees.
The month also saw precipitation totals of almost 4.5 inches, which included the 9 to 10 inches of snow early in the month.
Total precipitation for the year was almost 20 inches above what is considered normal for this area.
Typically, this area averages around 40-45 inches of precipitation a year. In 2013, total precipitation was 59.02 inches.
The highest temperature reading recording during the month was 67.2 degrees, recorded on Dec. 4. Ironically, the first four days of December saw temperature readings of 59, 60, 60 and 67, and on Dec. 5 we received heavy snow and a high temperature of 38 degrees.
The low temperature for the month came on Dec. 7 when the mercury dropped to 6 degrees. Four days saw temperatures of 10 degrees or less. Four days were also at 60 degrees or above.
Total precipitation for the month was 4.43 inches, with 1.98 coming on Dec. 21. Precipitation on Dec. 5 measured .93 inches, and that was mostly snow. The following day received .40 inches of precipitation, for a total of 1.33 inches during that period.
Eight days saw measurable precipitation, with Dec. 13 and 14 receiving .41 and .56 inches, respectively.
These weather statistics are recorded by Ava/Douglas County EMA Director Billy Long, who reports for the Community Weather Involvement Program (CWIP).