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Ava Athletes Make All-SCA

Eleven Ava Bears received all-SCA recognition in post-season voting by conference coaches. Pictured from left above are Morgan Smith, Jesse Dean, Chase Willis, Aaron Box and Cody Huff, all 2nd team selections; and Brett Vinson and Buster Davis, 1st team; Clayton Clouse, 2nd team; and Tristan Haltom, unanimous 1st team selection. In front are Kane Thompson and Austin Giorgianni, who received all-SCA honorable mention.

A long list of Ava athletes received post-season recognition as SCA coaches met last week to name the all-conferene teams.
All-conference recognition was given in volleyball, softball and football.
Cross country is not recognized as a conference sport, but five Ava runners made the all-district team and qualified for state. They included Jordan Dimirsky, senior; Megan Cooper, junior; Caleb Stillings and Bailey Ray, sophomores; and Jacob Luebbering, freshman.
All-conference teams announced by the South Central Association are listed below.
SCA-VB.45All-SCA Volleyball
MVP – Kylie Acklin, Liberty.
Coach of the Year – Shari Tune, Liberty.
1st Team
Brittany Whetstine, Cabool; Shelby Clifton, Mtn. Grove; Sadie Dugger, Mtn. Grove; Ashlyn Rogers, Mtn. Grove; Megan Silveus, Houston; Kylie Acklin, Liberty; Johanna Walkup, Liberty; Kassidy Ledgerwood, Liberty; Brett Conway, Liberty; Libero, Desiree Venable, Houston.
2nd Team
Cheyenne Day, Liberty; Kara Matherly, Cabool; Megan Smith, Cabool; Nora Dixon, Houston; Morgan Hailey, Salem; Madison Hines, Willow Springs; Courtney Mings, Ava; Libero, Taylor Coen, Cabool.
Honorable Mention
Bailey Loge, Ava; Sarah Gray, Cabool; Kamber Collins, Mtn. Grove; Rachel Loughridge, Mtn. Grove; Sarah Kelley, Houston; Brook Conway, Liberty; Kelsey Michno, Salem; Laken Hollis, Thayer; Nichole McGrath, Willow Springs.
SCA-SB.52All-SCA Softball
MVP–Courtney Putman, Salem.
Coach of the Year–Jake Reardon, Salem.
1st Team
Pitcher: Courtney Putman, Salem, senior; Emily Durnell, Willow Springs, senior.
Infielders: Savannah Hanning, Salem, junior; Taylor Franklin, Houston, senior; Nichole Fletcher, Mtn. Grove, junior; Aleasha Clark, Thayer, junior.
Outfielders: Marisa Cabrales, Thayer, sophomore; Callie Eubanks, Ava, junior; Tommi Franklin, Houston, freshman.
Catcher: Elly Burrell, Thayer, senior.
Utility: Sammie Sons, Mtn. Grove, senior.
2nd Team
Pitcher: Emily Harrison, Houston, senior; Misty Regennitter, Ava, junior; Jordan Alford, Thayer, junior.
Infielders: Kayte Aid, Ava, senior; Lizzie Swindell, Houston, junior; Kelsey Calwell, Liberty, junior; Camryn Pryor, Salem, freshman.
Outfielders: Allison Calvillo, Mtn. Grove, freshman; Kirsten Strebe, Salem, freshman; Wilson Hines, Willow Springs, junior.
Catcher: Jacey Swofford, Ava, sophomore.
Utility: Lakota Blakey, Ava, junior.
Honorable Mention
Kayleigh Preheim, Houston, senior, infield; Darrian Hunter, Cabool,  junior, catcher; Keeley Rodgers, Thayer, sophomore, outfield; Taylor Frizzell, Salem, senior, catcher; Sammie Hutsell, Mtn. Grove, sophomore, infield; Bailey Lee, Ava, senior, infield; Lauren Taylor, Cabool, senior, utility; Bell Knar, Houston, senior, catcher; Austyn Shannon, Mtn. Grove, senior, outfield; Bethanie Daniels, Liberty, sophomore, infield; Kari Hatridge, Salem,; freshman, utility; Morgan Stone, Thayer, senior, utility; Haley Porter, Willow Springs, senior, outfield.

All-SCA Football
Back of the Year – Jaelon Acklin, Liberty.
Lineman of the Year – Adam Niehaus, Liberty; Ethan Johns, Mtn. Grove.
Coach of the Year  – Darin Acklin, Liberty.
1st Team Offense
Quarterback: Jaelon Acklin, Liberty.
Runningbacks: Ricky Healy, Mtn. Grove; Shelby Barton, Thayer.
Wide Receivers: James Denton, Liberty; Dwayne Stanley, Willow Springs.
Tight End: Gavin Green, Cabool.
Offensive Line: Ethan Johns, Mtn. Grove; Adam Niehaus, Liberty; Logan Chagolla, Willow Springs; Keshawn Pittman, Thayer; Tristan Haltom, Ava.
Kicker, Simon Self, Willow Springs.
1st Team Defense
Defensive Line: Clayton Johnson, Willow Springs; David Gatlin, Liberty; Cale Cornman, Liberty; Brett Vinson, Ava.
Linebackers: Buster Davis, Ava; Cody Smith, Liberty; Levi Hargrove, Thayer; Chase Kramer, Salem; Allen Shanks, Willow Springs.
Defensive  Backs: Broderick Davis, Cabool; Bobby Otwell, Mtn. Grove; Jacob Foley, Thayer.
Punter: Jaelon Acklin, Liberty.
2nd Team Offense
Quarterback: Tanner Barnes, Cabool; Cody Huff, Ava.
Runningbacks: Chase Willis, Ava; Gavin Bolin, Mtn. Grove; Zane Kyser, Salem; Trevor Merckling, Houston; Bryan Porter, Liberty; Mitch Webber, Thayer.
Wide Receivers: Tyler Clinton, Willow Springs; Jansen Acklin, Liberty.
Tight End: Austin Smotherman, Liberty.
Offensive Line: Clayton Clouse, Ava; Logan Rust, Mtn. Grove; David Drumwright, Liberty; Cordell Tatum, Salem; Bryce Bunch, Willow Springs.
2nd Team Defense
Defensive Line: Aaron Box, Ava; Cory Allen, Mtn. Grove; Dakota Means, Mtn. Grove; Cody Fidonik, Liberty; Wyatt Heim, Willow Springs.
Linebackers: Jesse Dean, Ava; James Stephensen, Liberty; Steven  Joy, Thayer; J.J. Cox, Willow Springs
Defensive Backs: Morgan Smith, Ava; Seth Akers, Mtn. Grove; Eli Floyd, Salem.
Honorable Mention
Matt Griffith, Thayer, defensive line; Kane Thompson, Ava, defensive back; Austin Keeney, Houston, defensive back; Lucas Combs, Willow Springs, quarterback; Brett Jarboe, Mtn. Grove, tight end; Terron Ledgerwood, Liberty, offensive line; Tucker Hargrove, Thayer, offensive line; Nick Thornhill, Mtn. Grove, offensive line; Marshall Cramer, Salem, defensive line; Grant Denbow, Thayer, defensive line; Ethan Moore, Mtn. Grove, linebacker; Kleveland Gastineau, Liberty, linebacker; Tyus Leslie, Salem, linebacker; Tyler Frazier, Thayer, linebacker; Dalton Hale, Houston, defensive back; Zack Steed, Thayer, defensive  back; Austin Giorgianni, Ava, offensive line; Chris Luallen, Cabool, defensive line; Caleb Campbell, Thayer, offensive line; Chris Stanley, Willow Springs, runningback; Logan Pogue, Salem, tight end; Keith Howell, Liberty, wide receiver; Dustin Walker, Mtn. Grove, offensive line; Kolby Walker, Houston, tight end.