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Ava 7th & 8th Grade Football Teams

7th FB.11Members of the Ava 7th grade footbal squad for the 2013 football season are, from left, front row: Coach Garrett Baird, Kobi Gasek, Tanner Murray, Dwight Emerson, Kami Collins, Jimmy Shields, Josh Johnson, Coach Jeff Pool. Back Row:  Waylin Moon, John Myers, Dodge Stout, Drake King, Mason Curtis, Iveck Chittenden, Hunter Drenske, Stephen Copeland, Caleb Johns. Not Pictured:  Dakota Scobee. The team had an undefeated season with a record of 6-0.

8thFB.07Members of this years Ava 8th grade football team are, from left, front row: Michael Lane, Seth Fowler, Clayton Ellis, Avery Hendrix, Quincey McDonald, Connor Moran, Coach Jeff Pool, Coach Garrett Baird. Middle Row:  Takoma Dobbs, Kaid Sizemore, Joe Ballasone, Aaron Everett, Jonah Smith, A. J. VanValkenburg, Bailey Bewley, Dane Bovard. Back Row:  Brittain Tetrick, Joey Swofford, Dalton Curtis, Quinton Kelly, Cal Macy, Weston Stillings, Kaleb Sizemore. Not Pictured:  Devin Shannon. The team finished the season with a record of  2-3-1.