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Ava Middle School Volleyball Teams Stay Busy on the Courts

Ava Middle School volleyball teams had a three-match week last week, playing Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.
On Monday Willow Springs came to Ava.  Ava 7th grade defeated Willow for the second time this season, 25-16 and 25-23.
Jada Gunter was 8/8 serving with four ace serves and she was 4/5 hitting. Gracie Heinlein was 6/6 serving with two aces; Kenzie Lumley served 6/7 and passed 10/12; Haley Hawkins served 5/5 with three aces; Kate McDonald served three aces and passed 8/10,  libero Kahli Miller passed 4/4, and Ashton Bewley set 5/5, passed 5/5 and hit two ace serves.
Ava 8th grade fell to Willow in a three-game match.  Willow took game one 22-25, Ava battled back and took game two, 25-19, but then fell to the Willow Bears 20-25.
Setter Marissa Reynolds set the ball 16/17, served 12/12 with two ace serves and passed 14/19. Kathrin Buff served 11/12, passed 19/20 and hit 2/2. Makayla Diel passed 8/9 and hit 2/2; Madison Freeman served 10/11 and hit 4/5; Setter Sierra Boatman passed 13/14, set 11/13 and was 3/4 hitting. Haylee Hare was 5/5 serving, 13/15 passing and 3/3 hitting. Jasmine Dalton was 10/11 passing; Kaylee Evans served 9/10 with four ace serves and set 4/4. Libero McKenzie Hall passed 11/12.
On Tuesday, Sept. 24, Cabool came to Ava and handed the Ava Lady Bears two losses.  This was the first loss of the season for Ava’s 7th grade team.  Cabool won in a two-game match, 14-25 and 18-25.
Libero Kahli Miller passed 7/8; Kiaunna Snow served 4/4 with one ace and passed 8/11; Ashton Beweley served 3/4 , set 10/10 and passed 18/23. Macey Phillips passed 14/15; Haley Hawkins served 4/5 and set 3/3. Gracie Heinlein passed 10/11.  We also played an extra 10 min game with Cabool  which the Bulldogs won 7-25.  Araina Evans served 1/1 and passed 6/7; and Haley Hawkins served 1/1 and set 3/3.
Ava 8th grade lost to Cabool in a hard fought 3 game match.  Ava won game one 25- 20, dropped game two 24-26 and lost game three 23-25.  Haylee Hare served 15/16; Madison Freeman served 12/13, passed 17/22; Kathrin Buff served 8/8 and passed 16/20; Marissa Reynolds passed 13/15; Jasmine Dalton served 8/9; Becca Dudley was 2/3 serving and 2/2 passing. Makayla Diel was 3/4 serving with two aces, and 6/7  hitting. Sierra Boarman was 20/21 passing; Emily Little was 1/1 serving; Kaylee Evans was 6/7 serving and 18/21 passing and libero McKenzie Hall was 17/19 passing.
On Thursday, Sept. 26, the Tigers from Houston came to Ava.  Ava defeated Houston in both the 7th and 8th grade matches.  Ava 7th grade defeated Houston soundly in game one, 25-6, and held on to game two to win the match, 25-21.
Gracie Heinlein served 15/15 with six ace serves. Araina Evans served 7/7 with one ace and passed 2/2; Megan Goforth was 5/5 serving with one ace serve; Haley Hawkins was 5/5 serving and 7/9 passing and 4/4 setting; Lauren Mendel was 3/3 serving and had one kill; Kiaunna Snow was 3/3 serving; and Kenzie Lumley was 7/7 passing.
Coach Ann Leonard said, “Ava 8th grade took three games to get the job done, but I was very proud of their teamwork and hard work!”
Haylee Hare was 12/12 serving with two aces. Emily Little was 9/13 serving and she had six ace serves; Becca Dudley was 7/8 serving and 9/9 passing; Kathrin Buff was 13/14 passing; Marissa Reynolds was 5/5 serving with one ace and 15/17 passing. Makayla Diel was 4/4 passing; Madison Freeman was 4/5 serving with one ace and 13/18 passing; Sierra Boatman was 9/10 passing; Jasmine Dalton was 8/10 serving with four aces and 11/13 passing.
Faith Stevens was 1/1 serving, which was game point of the match!