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Letter To The Editor – Carol Boeddeker-Genet

Comments and questions from a citizen of Douglas County:
I saw something advertised on satellite TV and looked it up.  It is a news cable station that filed a lawsuit against AT&T for not airing them. The name of the “business” is Aljazeera. If it becomes available, watch it if you wish but like most everything coming out of the Mideast truth will be hard to find if at all, twisted to suit their goals and beliefs, to indoctrinate us, and Christianity is a target as it is with most of our major news channels and much of our media. I recall when the ACLU started up, supposing to be help for the underdog. Come to find out, the ACLU was started by four communist lawyers and step by step they are undermining our Constitution, our nation, our Christian belief. They have targeted our youth for a few decades now.  It is the ACLU that is demanding crosses be removed from national cemeteries, from that hilltop in California, and have supported and pushed for children in elementary schools to be given not only sex education but are insisting they be taught beginning in kindergarten that it is OK to have two daddies or two mommies.  The ACLU is behind not allowing prayer in the military, giving bibles to military personnel, or allowing Chaplains to use the name of Jesus Christ.  This nation is under attack.
Have you paid any attention to all of the czars and department heads newly named under the present administration?  Far, far too many of them are touted as devout Muslims. Why? How many appointments do you hear of that are being filled by “devout” Baptists, “devout” Methodists, etc.?  I see this as a brainwashing encroachment aimed to subjugate and eliminate our Christian society.  What have these Muslims done in and for our nation that qualifies them to be leaders in our departments of defense, education, or in areas of our national security?  Why did our administration cancel our National Day of Prayer and replace it with a Muslim day of prayer?  Why did our government give away seven Alaskan islands to Russia?  What kind of leadership do we have and what are their long term goals?
A neighbor called me for help in understanding Keith Moore’s latest “Snoop” article, particularly the word dhimmitude.  Now this is an Islamic word that has supposedly been inserted into the health care bill commonly called Obamacare.  Keith did a good job of researching this word.  But, basically it means we will do as we are told or suffer the consequences. If “dhimmitude” is not in Obamacare, other language meaning the same is in there to serve their goals.  Obamacare was passed basically without being read by our legislators, and please note that these legislators are not subject to this health care bill.  Also please note that several organizations have been exempted from this bill such as selected unions, businesses, and selected religions for various reasons.  And, of course, Muslims are exempted from Obamacare as they do not believe in insurance, according to their interpretation of the Quaran (Koran).  Recent legislation is attempting to force Christian hospitals to provide abortions and birth control, against their religious belief.  Who is behind all this if not liberals who seem to believe every itch must be scratched?  More questions follow; are Muslims driving vehicles without having insurance or do they work in a business that insists each employee must have insurance?
How many Muslim hospitals have you seen?  How many Muslim Girl Scouts have you encountered?  Just what is it that the Muslims have given to our nation over the generations besides providing slaves?  How many food kitchens are the Muslims supporting?  How many summer camps for indigent children?
How long can we tolerate a leader who says we are no longer a Christian Nation and bows to leaders of Saudi Arabia and other nations?  We have in this administration any number of elected persons who have supported the administration’s lies fed our people about Benghazi, to name just one of the lies pushed on us.  We have leadership that intends to reduce Social Security to those of us who paid in for so very many years while giving Social Security funds to immigrants and others who never paid in a penny.  Even the Bible says that those who will not work should not eat.  I don’t want anyone to starve and there are many people truly needing assistance.  However, we now have generations of families on the public dole as they have learned how to work the system.  We have welfare and undocumented illegal people having one baby after another paid for and supported by the hard working and hard taxed populace.  Hospitals, prisons and schools are inundated by the illegal immigrant population and this is very costly to all of us taxpayers.  What is it about the word “illegal” that is not being addressed?  Why have laws when they are not enforced or are circumvented by the enterprising?  Remember, if you are not part of the cure, you are part of the problem!
Carol Boeddeker-Genet
Dogwood, Missouri