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VFW, Ava Fourth Grade Students Retire Worn Out American Flag

Ava fourth grade students have been studying about the American flag, and last Friday afternoon veterans from the VFW performed a flag retirement ceremony for the students.

The ceremony was held on the front lawn of the Ava Elementary School at the flagpole. The purpose of the ceremony was to retire the old, worn flag on the school flagpole and replace it with a new one.

The veterans went through the steps involved in officially retiring a flag, showing how the flag is ceremonially folded and explaining what each fold of the flag represents. The students were also provided with a handout explaining the folding of the flag.

VFW members conducting the ceremony for the students included Commander Larry Morrison, Irv Reynolds and Etta Mecke.

Originally, the VFW had planned to actually perform the burning of the flag to conclude the retirement ceremony. However, due to the dry conditions and the number of students involved, it was decided that the flag would be taken to the VFW Hall for disposal.