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Douglas County Museum

The Douglas County Museum will continue to be open on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 10-2 for the next two weeks only.  After September 8, we will drop back to being open on Saturdays only.

We appreciate those who bring items by.  The most recent are a woven basket and a large coverlet given by Eula Campbell.  They were given to her husband, Lawrence, before 1941 by John Bragg’s mother.  She made pokeberry juice and crushed walnut hulls to make the colors of the dye for the coverlet.

Perry Posey, a new Douglas County author, has given a copy of his book, Buffalo Gal, to the Museum..

Ava Place residents came through the museum.  I know the 33 stairs were a challenge, but we made it.  The Sleep Family also went through the museum.  I’d like to read some of your reports.  What did you like the best? A man walked up to me and gave me a twenty-five dollar donation and said, “I heard you needed some money for the Museum!”  That’s what it’s all about.

Stay tuned for more.