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Assessor Votes Recounted; No Change in Outcome

Republican incumbent Douglas County Assessor Alicia Miller-Degase has been declared the winner in her race for reelection.
With only a six vote difference in the unofficial tally reported on election night, Aug. 7, challenger Buddy Irby requested a recount of the ballots. The request was authorized by Associate Circuit Judge Craig Carter on Thursday, Aug. 9.
The ballots were recounted on Tuesday this week, and the outcome remained the same: Miller-Degase 2123, Irby 2117.
A release from the circuit court last Thursday indicated the recount would be executed on Aug. 24, but it was actually done on Tuesday, Aug. 14.
Miller-Degase faces no opposition in the general election.
The Douglas County Republican Primary vote by precinct is being published in the Herald this week and can be found on Page B-10.