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Former Sheriff’s Office Employee Pleads Guilty, Gets Probation

Anna Moreland Is Wanted Felon

On Wednesday, June 6, Casey Stephens, formerly employed by the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department as a dispatcher and jailer, pleaded guilty to one count of a 2011 grand jury indictment admitting to conspiracy to steal controlled substances from the Sheriff’s Department for events occurring in June of 2010.

Judge Truman Wiles from West Plains, specially assigned by the Missouri Supreme Court, and subject to a plea agreement, sentenced Stephens to a suspended two-year term in the Missouri Department of Corrections and placed him on probation for a period of two years with the special condition of regular and random drug testing.

This case almost concludes the special investigation conducted during the summer of 2010 by the Missouri State Highway Patrol into the alleged drug activity by employees of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department.

In February of 2012, former deputy James Verow was found guilty of four felony indictments of conspiracy to distribute and to steal controlled substances, and was sentenced to substantial fines only by a Texas County jury.

Roger Wall, Douglas County Prosecuting Attorney, states that the only defendant left to be tried in this case is the indicted girlfriend of James Verow, Anna Moreland. After his trial in Texas County earlier this year, Verow posted a $2500 cash bond for Anna Moreland, who later failed to appear for any of her scheduled court dates.

In a motion earlier heard by Judge Lynette Veenstra, from Hartville, the “150-mile” extradition limit placed on Moreland’s warrant by local law enforcement was ordered to be removed. Moreland is now placed on a list of nationwide “wanted” and unarrested felons.

In addition, Moreland is currently being sought by law enforcement on felony warrants for DWI, resisting arrest and failure to appear.

If anyone is aware of Ms. Moreland’s whereabouts, they are requested to notify Prosecutor Wall, the Missouri State Highway Patrol, or any law enforcement officer.

In other Circuit Court news, Terry Shumate, 34, of Ava, was sentenced to two years in the Missouri Department of Corrections for possession of methemphetamine from an incident occurring in May of 2010.