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Betty Tatalajski

Betty Tatalajski, born June 1, 1933, passed away on June 10th, 2021.  Betty wanted us all to love one another – that was her life’s message, even in death (even in her last breaths), she did her best to impress this upon others – it’s all she asked of any of us.

Betty was a frequent visitor to Ava over the past 19 years, where she made many friends whom she regarded as, “Her Family.”  Ava reminded her of her childhood home in Kentucky.  Betty loved our townsfolk, caring deeply about them.  She and her elder sister took keen interest in our rural youth, helping many with educational endeavors, and touching their lives in diverse ways.  She enjoyed purchasing new custom tailored- suits for local youth upon graduation of high school – she believed, “every young man must look his best”.  She knew our youth had far to go after High School, and many went on to college or other careers, including ministry both local and abroad.  She referred to all her Ava Boys and Girls as, “Hers”.  Betty, with the help of her brother (who preceded her in death), provided many trips for local youth, and encouraged travel.  A few of the youth she touched, are still traveling to this day or working abroad.  Betty also was supportive of the international students attending MSU, who also held a dear place in her heart.

Betty accomplished much in her life.  She was a minister, a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, co-founded the public relations dept for Mountain Bell where she retired, and was an active world traveler visiting more than 120 countries.  She was also active in many Social Service Organizations.

Betty was preceded in death by one sister and one brother; she has six remaining siblings living in various parts of the country.  Betty has two children, four grandchildren, and 7 great grandchildren, as well as many nieces, nephews, and cousins. 

We would like to thank our town’s folks for their support, and extend our gratitude and heartfelt thanks to the kind and beautiful folks at 3 River’s Hospice, as well to Ava Family Funeral Home, and a shout-out of acknowledgement to the Douglas County Herald.  Thank you all, for having our backs and Mama’s, one of the qualities about this area she admired in our fine Folks!

In the spirit of Mom, please reach out and support our local youth and our Veterans!  She would approve  🙂