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Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Down to 38 COVID-19 Cases

                                                                 by Michael Boyink/

Last week, Douglas County saw its largest increase in COVID-29 numbers with 26 confirmed positive cases reported on the September 29th. This brought the total active cases for the county up to 74.

On September 30th, KY3 news out of Springfield reported that 54 of those cases were from the Heart of the Ozarks Facility in Ava. 40 were residents, and 14 were staff.

The facility has set aside an entire wing as a coronavirus wing, with workers in full protective gear.

“We’re following the CDC guidelines for protecting our staff and residents,” said HOTO Administrator Brandi Cutbirth.

The entire facility is closed to the community, with friends and family only able to visit loved ones through their room window.

Residents worried about outbreaks at more public locations can look to the Douglas County Health Department and local media for announcements.

“If the cluster of cases was from a location that put more people at risk,” explained Douglas County Health Department Director Valerie Reese, “the health department would have gotten the word out through the local radio station and newspaper.” Find the health department online at The department also posts regular updates to its Facebook page at

According to statistics posted to the Heart of the Ozarks website, as of October 6th the facility is down from 54 active cases of COVID-19 to 38, with 28 of those being residents and 10 staff. HOTO is online at