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Food, Music, Photography and Local Politics

Michael Boyink/Herald Locals line up for food on the Ava Square as election results made their way to the courthouse.

by Michael Boyink /

“I remember when…”

You hear that a lot around Ava. 

Locals remember three-wide cruising around the square. Multiple movie theaters. Dairy wagons lined up at a creamery. Train cars filled with tomatoes. 

And they remember election nights when people would gather outside the courthouse to hear election results called out as they came in.

The August 4th, 2020 Primary Election found the Ava Square busy  once again, with multiple food offerings, live music, photography, and election results being called out on loudspeakers. 

The final election results came in just before 9:00, and even past dark the crowd hadn’t yet fully dissipated.

Local election results can be found elsewhere in this week’s Herald. Statewide results can be viewed online at

Michael Boyink/Herald
(Above) Hush Puppies and fries were on the menu at one booth. (Below) Free music and photography were offered inside the gazebo.