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Douglas County Election Results

Michael Boyink/Herald Ulla Farrow and Lisa Johnson validate incoming poll results at the Douglas County Courthouse during the August 4th primary election.

Cheyney, Loveless in as County Commissioners, Degase as Sheriff

by Michael Boyink/

The unofficial results of the August 4 Primary Election have been tallied and according to the total number of ballots cast, voter turnout was higher than in years past.  The ballot count shows 45.49% percent of registered voters voiced their opinions yesterday.  

According to the election summary report provided by the County Clerk’s office, in Douglas County, there are 9,293 registered voters and during yesterday’s election, 4,227 voters participated.  

The ballot party breakdown shows 3,969 voters cast a Republican ballot, with the Democratic party showing 250 voters.  The Libertarian, Green, and Constitutional Party votes totaled 6. 

Following are results for races in Douglas County. State-wide results can be found at:

District One County Commissioner 

The results for the District 1 County Commissioner race are:

  • Derek Wilkerson: 456
  • Craig Cunningham: 380
  • Travis Cheyney 749
  • Todd Plank: 292

District Two County Commissioner

The results for District 2 County Commission are:

  • Jason Story: 382
  • Bradley Loveless: 563
  • Shannon Porter: 171
  • Mark Blakey: 276
  • Johnny Burkdoll: 502

Douglas County Sheriff

The results for the Douglas County Sheriff race are:

  • Chris Degase: 3163
  • Ben Peebles: 733

Uncontested County Races

There were some uncontested races in Douglas County. Alicia Degase won as County Assessor. Rick Miller won as County Coroner. Shelia Miller won as County Public Administrator.

State Representative District 155

For State Representative District 155 the totals are:

  • Joe Combs: 1360
  • Travis Smith: 2216

Smith will go on to face Democratic candidate Mike Lind in the November election.

State Senator District 33

In the race for State Senator the Douglas County results are:

  • Robert Ross: 731
  • Karla Eslinger 1601
  • Van Kelly 1540

State-wide, Eslinger went on to win over  Robert Ross by 142 votes. She will face Democrat Tammy Harty on the November ballot.

Constitutional Amendment Two

In Douglas County the amendment failed, with totals of:

  • Yes: 1135
  • No: 2984

Statewide, the Amendment passed 53.3% to 46.7%.

The Herald will confirm these results once they are validated by the County Clerk.