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Century Bank Customers Targeted in Spoofing Scam

Century Bank is asking its customers to be alert for fraudulent texts and phone calls that are being “spoofed” to look like they are coming from Century Bank, with a live person posing as a bank employee. 

“These criminals will weave all kinds of tales to try and get bank information,” said bank spokesperson Kerrie Zubrod. “The most recent story we’ve heard is a man claiming to be from the bank’s ‘Fraud Department,’ Zubrod said. “The caller tells our customer there is fraud on their card and he is stopping their transactions and will order them a new debit card. He then asks for debit card information and asks the customer to read back an authentication number to him that is being texted to their phone number to proceed.”

When that happens, she said, “the criminal is essentially setting up Samsung Pay, Google Pay or Apply Pay (mobile phone payment apps) on his own phone while he is talking with the customer. He then goes out and buys items using the payment app loaded with our customer’s debit card information.”

 Century Bank has posted alerts on its social media pages to help educate and warn bank customers about recent scams. The bank has also sent an electronic message to all of its online banking users.

Zubrod urges Century Bank customers to beware of these possible attacks and to call the bank if they have any questions about possible criminal activity on their account.