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Ava Police Report

Calls By Type
May 17 – May 23

Animal Call – 9
Assist Agency – 4
Assist Person – 2
Check Building – 1
Check Vehicle – 7
Civil – 2
Community Policing – 1
Domestic Disturbance – 1
General Disturbance – 3
Noise Disturbance – 2
Fraud – 1
Funeral Escort – 1
Misc/All Other – 8
Motor Vehicle Crash – 2
Private Property Accident – 1
Shots Heard – 1
Stalled Vehicle – 1
Traffic Control – 1
Traffic Stop – 14
Trespassing – 2
Total: 65

On 5/17, Ava Police took one subject into custody at the Ava Walmart.

On 5/18, Ava Police responded to reports of sheep in the road on Highway 5. The sheep were outside the city limits, so the county sheriff was notified.

On 5/18, Ava Police responded to a motor vehicle crash on Highway 5.

On 5/18, Ava Police performed a traffic stop on North Jefferson and found a passenger with an outstanding arrest warrant. Officers took the subject into custody and provided transportation to the county jail.

On 5/19, Ava Police responded to the 500 block of Shelton Avenue. A resident wanted to sign a complaint for a vehicle that kept speeding on their street. Officers didn’t get a signed complaint as the resident had no specific vehicle to refer to.

On 5/20, Ava Officers responded to a location on Lyle Street over reports of a white Pit Bull that was chasing a mother and child.

On 5/21, Ava Police responded to the Heart of the Hills location on Broadway Street over reports of suspects with flashlights going through the donation bin. The individuals were told that wasn’t allowed, they put everything back and left.

On 5/22, Ava Police arrested two subjects at the city park for underage drinking.