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What About This?

By Wayne William Cipriano

By Wayne William Cipriano

They say the first casualty of war is Truth. It seems to me we could extend that observation to include just about any human experience that varies from the routine – the greater the variance the greater casualty Truth sustains. From gossip about a neighbor’s philandering to the national or international hysteria of the coronavirus thing. Truth always seems to get whacked first thing.

Television and radio personalities, celebrities in general, are stepping up to make their bones by “out hystericalizing” each other. As Dr. Jen, who has yet to answer one question directly as she appears on several “Pandemic – The Answers,” says, we should listen to “credentialed medical professionals” and then turns to Dr. Phil, a pop psychologist of the very worst kind, for his “analysis,” while Anthony Fauci, someone who knows what he is talking about, wails in the wilderness tip-toeing the fine line between telling the Truth and being ostracized by the Trump Administration.

Maybe we should take a moment to think about the Truth – and here it is: 

The huge, overwhelming majority of human beings will NEVER contract the virus at all. Let me repeat that so you will not only read that, you will understand it: The huge, overwhelming majority of human beings will NEVER contract the virus.

Of the small percentage of people who “get it,” most will exhibit no or very slight symptoms more like a cold or the flu.

An even smaller percentage of those whose symptoms justify a “test” will show positive, and some will be false positive. And of these very few persons who actually have the virus with symptoms, the overwhelming majority will recover fairly quickly and have no long-term effects except, perhaps, immunity. 

A very, very small minority of those who contract the virus will require serious medical intervention, and an extremely large portion of those will recover after a more prolonged illness, some from home, some from hospitals, and ultimately return to the level of health they enjoyed before the virus.

And then, a minuscule proportion of those who contracted the virus will die from it – most of these will be the weakened elderly and those with pre-conditions which made them susceptible to the virus and to many other illnesses as well, those we should and I am sure we are already protecting. 

Now, take whatever vanishingly small number of people get hospital-necessary ill or die from the virus around us and compare that number to the number of people who will be hospitalized and may die from our annual spate of automobile accidents. 

Automobile accidents that do not flare up and then disappear as this virus will, but are always with us whenever we fire up the Mighty Camry and drive to the store.

We drive our cars, don’t we? Every day? And maybe take the precautions of staying aware of the road around us, not text, and perhaps connect our seatbelts. Maybe.

We wash our hands, avoid those who are coughing and sneezing around us, stay our of crowds as much as possible and stay home if we are sick – from ANYTHING. And we appropriately care for those most in jeopardy.

We drive our cars. We live our lives. We respect the Truth.

Enough said.