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Looking Backward

25 years ago

Bradley and Brandon Mills were honored with a birthday party at the home of their parents, Jim and Shawna Mills. The twins turned 5.

Allen Dale and Rachel Lynn (Markin) Haynes announce the birth of a son, Caleb Allen. Grandparents are Dalton & Joyce Markin, Ava, and Fred & Doris Haynes, formerly of Ava.

The B&R Volunteer Fire Dept. is having a chili and soup dinner, dessert and drinks included. Everyone is welcome.

Mabel Sirna, a member of the Ava Art Guild, presented country entertainer Charlie Pride with a portrait she had done of him. 

The Ava Women’s Chamber of Commerce purchased the east end of the former Hale Hardware building and will turn the building into a children’s hands-on museum.

Teralea Lootens graduated from Army basic training at Fort Jackson, SC, with honors. Teralea is the daughter of Tony and Joy (Prine)Lootens. Her mother is the daughter of Ersel and Ellen Prine (deceased) of Ava. Teralea is a niece of Opal Johnson, of Ava.

The Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) of Cox Health Systems is accepting Heinz Baby Food labels. For each label, Heinz donates six cents to the CMN at Cox.

Highlonesome’s name is getting popular. Harold Morrison had a tape called “The Man From Highlonesome.” And now a movie is out with the name in it.

Meadowbrook Manor hosted their monthly birthday party. Honored guests were Jason Privett, Eliza Jane Johnson, Bob Matney, Alta Graham, Erma Ewing and Maggie Deckard.

Cindy Wolfe and Judy Bengston went to Springfield and Pastor Tom babysat the children for them.

The first annual meeting of the Douglas County Economic Development Coalition will meet at the Ava Community Center. The meeting will include a pot-luck dinner.

Ava R-1 Superintendent, Maynard Wallace, and  board members Zane Gray, Merl Forrest, Gary Mitchell, Darrel Wray, Bill Heath, Rick Huff, and Jim Greene adopt a 5 year plan for Ava Schools.

“Surviving the low side of the cattle cycle” will be the theme of the 1995 Regional Beef Meeting.

Mrs. JoAnn Goodall is now visiting Rev. and Mrs. Kent Goodall and family of Arkansas and helping care for the twin baby girls.

Mary Kay cosmetics, excellent product, dermatologist tested, reasonably priced. Complimentary facials. – Bonita Nelson

Ava Bowl Junior League: 2 games, 6-8 years: Catti Wright 57 game and 106 series, Kris Ingino 87 game, Tyler Wood 160 series.

50 years ago

The City’s east water well was scheduled to have a new pump installed Wednesday. Unfortunately while crews were removing the old casing from the well, the casing broke and dropped back into the well. The city is trying to locate equipment to remove the broken casing.

Ava’s entire water system was closed permitting the diesel pump to build up a reserve supply for emergency use and provide all city residents a limited amount of water.

Ben Dougherty, of Ava, celebrated his 80th birthday with his grandson, Jarrett Dougherty, who was two-years old on New Year’s Day. Master Dougherty is the son of Mrs. Lorene Dougherty of Ava.

Stan Adams, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charley Adams, began work as a station announcer with KSOA Radio in Ava.

Sam Hart, son of Mr. and Mrs. Norman Hart, entered St. John’s Hospital for examination of injuries  in a sledding accident and underwent major surgery the same day. His condition is reported as good.

Bill Davis, son of Mr. and Mrs. Enoch Davis of Ava, was named “Employee of the Week” at Ramey’s Supermarket where he is manager of the meat department.

Mrs. Vivian Millier of Ava begins student teaching in Colorado Springs, CO, this month.

W. A. Spurrier received 79 cards from relatives, friends, and old acquaintances on his 79th birthday.

Orville Emery did chores for G. E. Dye last week.

Heard a nice clean joke the other day. It’s about the laundry man who stopped at a convent and asked if they had any dirty habits.

Rocky Degase received an unexpected New Year’s gift when his mare, Cricket, presented him with a filly colt. It had taken her 14 months to have it.

Callers during the week in Orville Hale’s home were: Ray Scribner, Vernon Stafford, Cleo Hale, Jerry Garrison, Mike Smitley, Mrs. Clara Dawson and Robin Greathouse.

Miss Shirley Stillings spent the weekend with Miss Pat Rhodes. Then Pat spent Sunday with Shirley.

The Ava Bears clipped Gainesville 49-47 in a non-league contest. Roger Swofford led the scoring with 17 points and Clarence Snell netted 17 for Gainesville.

Mrs. Herman Davis purchased the Russell’s 5¢ to $1 Store on the east side of the square. Mr. and Mrs. Davis purchased the Russell’s 5¢ and $1 store in Mansfield last year.

Considering the life our pooch leads, going to the dogs presents some definite allurements.

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Stickrod of Wisc. were weekend guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Claud Moore. While here they also visited with Mr. and Mrs. Albert Rhodes and Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Moore. Mrs. Stickrod is the former Mildred Lingle. The Lingle family lived in this community about forty years ago.

John G. Prock, Ava, fined $5 and costs on a charge of failure to display certificate of inspection.

Mrs. Robert Crain entertained the Tuesday Evening Bridge Club. Members attending were Mrs. Cloine Pettit, Mrs. W. A. Malloy, Mrs. Cooper, Mrs. Harlan House, Mrs. Vernon Jackson, Mrs. Burnam Cummins, and Mrs. Betrand Larsen joined the group as a guest. 

75 years ago

Mrs. Ora Burchell of Ava received her sixth card from her son, Eteyl Elam Burchell, who is interned in a Japanese military prison in the Philippines. The card  stated he was in good health.

P. A. Chance, formerly of Douglas county, was a recent winner of a daily trapping award in the 16th National Fur Show conducted by the raw fur marketing service of Sears, Roebuck and Company.

Corporal Raymond E. Daugherty, son of W. M. Daugherty, Ava, and former Ava farmer, recently completed a one-week course of study in a technical school which instructs in the maintenance of gyro gunsights.

Sergeant Daniel T. Bailey, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Bailey, has been awarded the Purple Heart. He was wounded in the mouth by shrapnel from a shell which landed within forty feet of his position on the Italian front.

Privates Harold Joslin, Scollan Grabeel, and Private James Jordan  are stationed at Camp Hood, Texas for their basic training.

Dr. R. B. Stanton left Ava for Springfield where he has accepted a position in the Hunter and Hunter Chiropractic Clinic.

A surprise cake supper was held in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wiley Sympson in honor of their son, James, who was celebrating his seventeenth birthday. 

First Sergeant Lawrence Privett, age 30, was killed in action somewhere in the European theater of war. Sergeant Privett left in October for overseas duty.

Herschel Hobbs, who was recently assigned to a ship in the Pacific Fleet, is a patient at the Naval Base Hospital at Oakland, CA. 

Joe Deaver and Shorty King had the honor of talking over the radio station from the stock yards last week.

Lois Mae Penner has missed the past two weeks of school, due to scarlet fever.

Mrs. Laura Henry of Big Rapids, Mich, came to Ava last week to spend the winter with her sister, Mrs. J. L. Banta, and Mr. Banta.

Mr. and Mrs. James Heatherly and daughter returned from California. James will leave soon for the armed forces. 

Private Voyne G. Brooke arrive somewhere in France the last of December.

Miss Flora Herrera who came to Ava last week from Heredia, Costa Rica, and is to study the remainder of the year in the Ava high school, will make her home with Mrs. Lilyan Shoemaker and her daughter, Miss Catherine. 

Elmer Giffen left Monday for Sanger, California to seek employment. 

100 Years ago

Killing migratory birds by airplane is the unique charge brought against two hunters of Cape Girardeau. They are now out on $500 bond and their case will be heard at the next term of federal court.

A Ripley county boy, seven years old, tried to play with the pigs of a very large mother sow, and now he is being patched up by the physician.

The Taney county murder trial in which Ibe Smith and Preston Rozell were charged with the murder of Abner Holcomb resulted in a verdict of guilty. Smith was given a sentence of 15 years and Rozell ten years in the penitentiary.

Mrs. J. M. Adams returned from Kansas City where she had been visiting since before Christmas. She purchased a Cadillac car while in K.C.

A daughter was born to Mrs. Everett Fletcher who resides with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Hodge of Vera Cruz. 

Members of the Ava Public School Alumni whom we are proud of: J. Herbert Sell, Collector of Douglas county; LZ Banta, who has recently been licensed to practice law; Elmer Curry, editor of the Douglas County Herald; Lilla Mankin, teacher of the second grade of the Ava Public School.

Barnett Hawkins who has been in the U.S. naval service for the past 8 years arrived home on Christmas eve.

While coasting on a sled with other boys, Waldorf Burke got his ankle sprained, and has been unable to attend school.

Ira Thomas had the misfortune of losing a cow and calf.

Harve Mears of Coldsprings, killed a large timber wolf.

Our school teacher Miss Lola Harwood still rides to and from school.

Ava won the first debate of the series of elimination debates vs. Springfield. Ava will next face Houston debaters.

Jno. Holt plead guilty to disturbing a congregation and was fined $5.00 and costs.

President Wilson abandoned his rolling chair and, for the first time since he became ill, 3 months ago, walked about the White House grounds unassisted.

A strange disease that broke out at Skiatook, OK last week is spreading rapidly. Medical authorities have been unable to explain the strange malady. Some physicians have pronounced the disease a mild form cholera.

This week has been examination week in school and Miss Day reports some of the children playing “hookey,” especially the girls.

Mr. and Mrs. A.M. Cox gave a music party in honor of the young folks. All attended and report a grand time.

About $54,633.75 worth of butter fat was purchased and shipped from Seymour and vicinity during 1919.

“Uncle” Eli Ake of the Ironton Register suggests that the bewitching expression “sugar is sweet and so are you” be so changed as to read “sugar is dear and so are you.”

125 Years ago

Sheriff C. C. Perry of Santa Fe, NM captured Bill Cook, the notorious outlaw, stating that the prisoners safely landed in the county jail at Roswell.

A nine-inch vein of coal was discovered on the Morehead farm, five mile northwest of Emporia, Kan. A prospect shaft was sunk which developed not only coal in great quantities, but also strong indications of zinc jack.

The safe in the Merchant’s National bank of Defiance, Ohio, was blown open with dynamite and $10,000 stolen.

Ja. S. Payton who was sentenced to the Penitentiary for life for killing a child of L.T. Mathews, was pardoned by Gov. Stone. He had been in the penitentiary 9 years.

On account of sickness of one of the horses, the mail from Mansfield was brought in “a hoss back.”

Just step in and take a peep at the Bargain Store’s facinators, lace curtains and Turkish bath towels.

There is a bad hole in the sidewalk in front of the lot next to this office, where some one will get a bad fall, if not a broken limb. The owner of said lot ought to have it fixed, and possibly have a suit for damages. 

A feather renovating outfit is holding forth in Mr. Payne’s room on the south side of the square. Now is your opportunity to have your feathers cleaned and disinfected, and your bed made soft and nice.

If some people couldn’t find anything to hide behind, they would be always on the run. – Ram’s Horn.

Mr. W. J. Fulton, who has been acting as deputy Probate Judge, returned to his home near Rome. He says there is not enough pay in the office to justify him in attending to it.

It is remarkable that not a newspaper in all the country has a word of praise for the present congress. It is the most thoroughly discredited legislative body that ever assembled in Washington.

Mobile, Ala., had before its mayor two organ-grinders charged with disorderly conduct in allowing their monkeys to bite four children since they came into the city. Suits for damages were entered against them in court.

Allen D. Richards, Republican representative for Carroll county, died at his room in the Central hotel. The cause of his death was a wound received at the siege of Vicksburg.

George Renick, who catches fur animals, on his round of his traps on the bank of the Brazos, saw a leg sticking out of the sand and unearthed the petrified body of a man, perfect in every limb and feature, except a gash in the abdomen.  

G.B. Waters and Dal Hartin are helping County Assessor Huffman make out his new assessor’s books for 1895.

The hunters don’t pay much attention to the game law in this county. It’s unlawful to kill wild turkeys and quail after January first.

Miss Pearl Anderson, the 16 year old daughter of Mr. Anderson died from pneumonia fever.

Erving King raffled off a town lot last Saturday and James B. Miller held the lucky number, but when it came to making out a deed, Mrs. King refused to sign it. As a compromise, King gave Miller one of his horses.

Dave Walker was convicted in Justice Thompson’s court, of Spring Creek township, for disturbing a religious meeting. He could not pay the fine and was sent to the county jail.