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Pioneer Festival Cancels Second Day Due to Rain

Kathleen Logan Smith/Herald Photos

Local Weaver Dawn Stone, Douglas County, shared weaving skills with visitors Melody and Allegra Johnson at the Pioneer Heritage Festival. 

by Michael Boyink/

Sometimes, Mother Nature wins.

Initial “rainy day” plans for the Pioneer Festival of the Ozarks were to let the show go on. Just bring an umbrella.

But there’s rain.

Then there’s multiple inches of rain and lightning that goes on for hours like it did this past weekend in the Ava area.

So the Festival organizers did the prudent thing, and canceled the second day of the event. With the event running the single day festival officials estimated that just over 700    including exhibitors – had passed through the gates. 

Raffle drawings will still be held – best to watch the festival Facebook page for details:

Brian Thompson of Ava, demonstrated his pedal scrollsaw and made custom nameplates for visitors.

Three-year-old William Tell Rowe lives up to his name at Butch Stone’s archery demonstration.