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EARLY HEADS UP: New lanes of Route 65 scheduled to open following Labor Day holiday

Update for Week of August 19

Work scheduled for this week:

• Installing new guardrail/guard cable;

• Building approach pavement to existing southbound Route 65 bridge at Farmers Branch.

Traffic Impacts:

• Nighttime lane closings on Route 65 between Springfield Lake bridge and Christian County Routes CC/J. Work hours: 8 p.m. to 6 a.m.

• Equipment moving in and out of work areas, especially during nighttime hours;

• Southbound Route 65 traffic shifted to left at Farmers Branch. Two lanes remain open across bridge;

• Southbound Route 65 speed limit reduced to 55 mph.

Weather and/or construction delays may alter the work schedule.

Upon completion, the Route 65/Evans Road Bridge construction project will widen Route 65 to six lanes, adding three lanes in each direction between a point south of Evans Road and Christian County Routes CC/J.  The project includes widening the southbound Route 65 bridge over Farmer’s Branch south of Evans Road to accommodate new lanes.  The new Evans Road bridge over Route 65 is complete. 

Prime contractor is Millstone Weber, LLC of St. Charles, Mo. 

The project, which is slated for completion late September 2019, will cost around $10.2 million.