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Flag Day 2019

Flag Day is observed annually on June 14. 

The nationally recognized holiday commemorates the original decision to adopt the flag of the United States, an act that first  occurred in 1777.  The flag was adopted by resolution of the Second Continental Congress. 

The U.S. Flag dates back to June 14, 1777, when British symbols of the Grand Union flag were replaced with the new flag design which featured 13 white stars in a circle on a field of blue and 13 red and white stripes, one for each state.  As more territories became states, the number of stars on the flag increased as new states were adopted into the Union.  The number of stripes, however, stopped at 15, and sometime later, the number was returned to 13. 

In June 1886, Bernard Cigrand tendered a public request for starting an annual recognition of the birth of the flag.  Cigrand’s efforts for creating the national observance of Flag Day came to fruition when President Woodrow Wilson issued a proclamation acknowledging the national observance day as June 14.  This occurred in 1916. 

But Flag Day did not become a fully recognized day of observance until August 1949, when President Harry Truman signed legislation proclaiming June 14 as the official Flag Day.  In 1966, Congress requested that a proclamation occur each year designating June 14 and the days surrounding it, as National Flag Week. 

Traditionally, Flag Day is viewed as a time of recognition and honor to reflect on the foundation, history and strength of our country. The flag is a visual symbol of the United States and the many freedoms enjoyed by citizens.  The flag is as an ever present symbol of the founding fathers’ morals and the foundation of ideals they believed in, establishing a plan for national freedoms.  

The flag symbolizes loyalty to the nation, and reaffirms beliefs in liberty, justice and patriotic unity. 

As a special day, Flag Day is observed throughout the country, with ceremonies and events meant to honor, recognize and remember. 

In addition to Flag Day, the U.S. Army celebrates their birthday on June 14.