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Free Garden Seeds at Farmers  Market May 4 

On Saturday morning, May 4,  from 8 a.m. until noon, the non-profit Ava Growers Project, which organizes the farmers market on the Ava City Square, will be distributing free garden seed packs in the gazebo.  Seeds will be distributed “first-come, first-served.”  

This is Ava Growers sixth annual seed event, which also includes a seed-saver and garden book swap.  Anyone wanting to share saved seed, as well as books or magazines on gardening or homesteading is invited to bring seeds and books to the gazebo.  

Seeds saved from the most vigorous open pollinated plants raised in our area are especially valuable as they show genetic adaptability to local conditions, an advantage which can increase over generations through natural selection. 

A fact sheet on how to save seeds is also available for free.  

Those wishing more detailed information on seed saving can find it online at the Seed Savers Exchange website, or from books such as Jill Henderson’s “Garden Seed Saving Guide” which is available at the Douglas County Public Library.  

For more information on volunteering with the Ava Growers Project or the farmers market, please call 417 746-4006 or email