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Council on Aging Senior Center

By Tommy Roberts

Hallelujah! Yes, Easter was last Sunday, but we rejoice every day that He is indeed risen!

Jerry Shepherd won over Evelyn Cantwell by only four points in the last pitch tournament. Coming in third was Lee Wilcox. There were four tables—we could have five if you show up on Tuesday a little before noon ready to play. 

May 8 is a pool tournament. It will cost you one thin dollar to play.

The Matter of Balance class continues through May 13.

There are written tests and driver’s exams in the basement each Thursday, from 9:30 to noon and again from 1-4. Please bring your birth certificate.

 One lady said about our center—“It’s a good chance for me to get out of the house, have a warm lunch, and have a conversation with my friends.”

We’re getting new floor covering in the office. Bless you, mayor!

Now that spring is here, there will be motorcycles on the road. So, seniors, be alert and look twice before turning.

The puzzles are a sure hit here at the Center. As soon as one is put together, another one is set out.  We old people are used to that because in the olden days when it got dark and the chickens were shut up, dad or mom would get out a puzzle and we little ones would work on it together with them.

The garage sale in the basement was a success. We extend gracious blessings on those that came. 

Did you see the sign in the store that said “We guarantee fast service no matter how long it takes?”

Until next week, have a good ‘un.