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Profile: HOTO Volunteer Allen Deyo

Allen Deyo - Volunteer at Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center, brings music to the residents.

Allen Deyo is one of the many volunteers who share their skills and interests with residents at Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare  Center in Ava. He shares his musical gifts in a range that reaches from gospel to Star Wars. Deyo is a retired music teacher of piano and voice. He has a Masters of Music in organ from Indiana University. 

He has lived in the Ava area for three years. Deyo came from Newman, Georgia, near Atlanta. He grew up as a Methodist preacher’s kid in Indiana, and met his wife, Barbara Sue, at  Asbury University near Lexington, KY. She grew up in Pelham, GA, south of Albany, GA. Barbara Sue is a retired elementary teacher. They worked the mission field in northern Canada for many years, before coming to the United States. Coming to Georgia, they were able to be dual citizens of Canada and the U.S.A. They are involved in the Spring Valley Christian Fellowship.