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City Celebrates CBDG Funding for Ava Square

On Tuesday, Feb. 12, Mayor David Norman announced the City of Ava had been chosen as a recipient of a Community Block Development Grant (CBDG) funding to upgrade sidewalks and improve handicap accessibility on and around the Ava Square. The award was discussed during city council meeting last week, with several community members and business owners in attendance.  Participants shown above are councilmen Keith Jones and Stan Lovan; Andy Novinger, Anderson Engineering; Suzanne Welsh; Jessica Paulk, SCOCOG; Helen Miller; Mayor Norman; Dick Salgado; Bob Sorensen; Darlene Sorensen; Judy Shields, Janice Lorrain;  Maxx and Jon Cluff; Cameron Cluff; Vanessa Thomas; Rick Fenoff;
and councilmen Noel Dye and Burrely Loftin.   The project is slated to begin this summer.