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TriCounty Horse Show Announces Final Results

The TriCounty Youth Horse Show was held Saturday, Aug. 11 at the Ava Saddle Club, in Ava, Mo.  The annual event is hosted by the TriCounty officers. 

This year, 36 youths entered the evening event with each rider entering more than one category of the competition.  The event showcases a young rider’s talent in the gaited, stock and gaming/speed divisions. All together there were 192 entries, and the final results of the horse show competition are listed below: 

Gaited Classes

Leann Chandler, saddle winner

Jentry Harley, overall first

Kylee Bruffett, second

Dakota Douglas, third

Zoey Patterson

Lexy Matthews

Stock Classes

Leah Scheets, saddle winner

Jarm VanHouden, first

Dylan King, second

Todd Walker, third 

Wyatt Clancy

Weston Clancy

Bethany Ray

Sarah Hutchison

Lauren King

Jentry Harley

Abigail Scheets

Leann Scheets

Claire McDonald

Sami Jo

Gabriel Scheets

Will Clancy

Savannah Kastning

Speed Classes

Morgan Whitacre, saddle winner

Calley Matthews, first

Dylan King, second

Cheyenne Willis, third

Jarm VanHouden

Erie Lane

Wyatt Greenfield

Taylor Greenfield

Callie Alexander

Allie Alexander

Kylee Bruffett

Dakota Douglas

Savannah Kastning

Sarah Hutchison

Sami Jo

Annabelle Gray

Celia Fossett

Lexy Matthews

Calley Matthews

Caden Lee

Lauren King

Leah Scheets

Morgan Whitacre


Clair McDonald

Todd Walker 

Wyatt Clancy

Weston Clancy

Will Clancy

This is the 11th year for the annual horse show.