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Purple Heart Day: Assistance Needed in Identifying Owners of Unclaimed Purple Heart Medals

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo — On Purple Heart Day, Missouri State Treasurer Eric Schmitt is seeking the public’s assistance in identifying the owners of four Purple Heart medals currently in the possession of his office’s Unclaimed Property Division.

“The Purple Heart is one of the most important and prestigious honors a member of our armed forces can earn,” Schmitt said. “There is a good chance that someone in Missouri has information about these medals that could help us identify and find their rightful owners, which is why we’re asking everyone to take a look.”

The following information is available on the four Purple Heart Medals currently being held by the State Treasurer’s Office:

Purple Heart Medal #1: Safe Deposit Box Owner Name: Charles W. Armstrong; Last Known Address: St. Joseph, Missouri; Medal Inscription: “Charles W. Armstrong”

Purple Heart Medal #2: Safe Deposit Box Owner Name: Margaret E. Varney; Last Known Address: PO BOX 681575, Riverside, Missouri;  

Purple Heart Medal #3: Medal Inscription: “Lawrence Shettler”

 Purple Heart Medal #4: Safe Deposit Box Owner Name: Helen Reabold. 

Military medals and insignia held by the State Treasurer’s Office come from safe deposit boxes that have been turned over after five years of inactivity or no contact from the owner. Treasurer Schmitt currently protects around 200 military medals and insignia, which can be searched and viewed online at