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Looking Backward 4.12.2018

25 years ago

Ava Mayor James “Bud” Norman presented the Sassafras Sprouts Hoedowners a special award last Friday, recognizing the young cloggers as Ava’s “Ambassadors of Goodwill.”
The Elementary Chapter I classes have recently received a computer lab, purchased through Chapter I funds. At the present time, approximately 160 students are working at least one day a week in the lab.
Wilma Hutchison, local beauti-fication coordinator, is pleading for workers to help at the waterfall in the Ava City Park on Friday and Saturday mornings, weather permitting.
Easter Sunday dinner at the home of Henderson and Allie Gentry at noon was for her mother, Doshia Miller, Willis and Sandy Miller, Janet, April, Holly and Blake.
The Ava Bears scored four runs in the bottom of the seventh inning here last Thursday evening to defeat Salem, 8-7.
Wilma Brazeal of Mansfield, was first place winner of the stereo given away last week by LongDollar Discount Furniture in their grand opening drawing.
Saturday evening, April 3, family and friends gathered to help one-year-old Christopher Frye celebrate his first birthday at the home of his Grandma Norma Gardner. The house and yard were decorated with streamers and balloons by Christopher’s sisters, Sarah and Alyssa.
The congregation of the Ava Full Gospel Church held a ground-breaking ceremony for its new sanctuary April 4 following the morning worship. The new structure will be constructed on the east end of the present building at 400 West Washington in downtown Ava.
The Ava High School girls’ trio, Melynda Campbell, Angela Moore and Renee Sudbury received a ‘I’ rating at District Music Festival.
OAK FOREST – Happy birthday to George “Pop” Boulton. He’s 90 and still works in church doing the Lord’s work with love.
Norman Murray of Ava, recently received a master of science degree in fisheries and wildlife science from Virginia Tech. He is a member of The Wildlife Society. Murray received a bachelor of science degree from the University of Missouri-Columbia in 1988. He is the son of Delbert and Orilla Murray, of Ava.
The Ava Junior High girls had their first track meet of the season on Monday, March 29. Eighth grader Donell Roberts set a new Ava school record in 75 meter hurdles with a time of 13.68 seconds.

50 years ago

Approximately 100 persons from Douglas and surrounding counties gathered here Friday night to greet Cong. Thomas Curtis, second district, Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate. Cong. Curtis spoke at a Republican Rally held at the MFA Hall, sponsored by the Douglas County Republican Central Committee. Claud Gaulding, county chair, was master of ceremonies.
School officials reported this week that there is no basis for the rumor which has been circulating within the county that hepatitis has reached epidemic proportions in the Ava schools. Only three cases have definitely been diagnosed in the Ava R-I school system, according to local physicians.
Charles McCallister, high school football coach, was presented an award last Friday night during the athletic banquet for his services in the school athletic program. Making the presentation was Ronnie Curry. Coach McCallister will be leaving at the end of the school year.
Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Morrison and their two daughters entertained with a music party in their home at 1903 South Jefferson, Saturday night.
The new officers for the Ava Chapter, Future Farmers of America, were installed at a banquet Tuesday evening. They are Bill Jenkins, president; Loy Shortt, vice president’ Tom Duran, parliamentarian; Chester Shortt, secretary; Eddie Potter, treasurer; Mike Roberts, reporter; Jeff Holmes, sentinel; Bob Holman, chaplain.
Twila Freeman, Mary Frye and Beverly Gray performed for those attending the FFA banquet Tuesday night.
Cooper Lumber Company defeated Murray’s TV by a score of 80-65 to win the man’s adult league basketball title Monday night. Jim Fleetwood and Duane Cunningham paced the champions with 24 and 20 points respectively. Big Ray Parsley, playing his best game of the season at center, added 17 points. Murray’s TV was unable to cope with this attack.
Warrant Officer Candidate Larry Morrison, son of Mrs. Jim Morrison of Ava, was one of the guests on the Danny Thomas Show in Dallas, Texas, Mar. 28. Candidate Morrison who is attending flight school at Ft. Wolfers, Tex., is a member of the Candidate Choir who were guests on the show.
Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Everett will observe their 50th wedding anniversary on Sunday, April 7, at the MFA Hall here with open house from 2 to 4 p.m. Mr. and Mrs. Everett have seven children.
STAR –– There will be a shower for Mr. and Mrs. Randy Scott at Star Chapel Saturday night, April 6. Mrs. Scott was the former Miss Betty King. They were married Friday night.
A long-standing Black Oak tree on the Irene Rackley property west of the square has been removed after about 100 years of growth. The circumference of the tree was 12 feet, 10 inches. Approximately 12 ricks of wood were secured from the tree. Vernon Thurman, Austin Harper and L.E. Hitchcock removed the tree.
Ava Department Store Easter Parade of Values –– Easter dresses, over 600 in stock, $3.98 to $10.98; boys’ suits, $2.98 to $5.98; canvas shoes, sizes 4 to 10, $1.77 pair.

75 years ago

Douglas County voters were more interested in their farms and gardens than they were in Tuesday’s constitutional convention election, and polled one of the lightest votes in the history of the county for any state-wide election. Indications are that Douglas County voters ignored many “slate” candidates, and scattered their votes the length of the ballot.
In Tuesday’s city election, Ben Callaway was elected mayor; Ovle House, alderman in ward number one; E.B. Norman and Leo Lisby, aldermen in ward number two; Florence Reedy, collector and Charles Scribner, marshal.
During the past week the O.E. Maxey furniture store was moved to the ground floor of the L.H. Pettit building on Jefferson Street. The store, which has occupied the basement of the same building for the past few years, will retain the basement for a repair shop.
Mrs. Jesse Irwin conducted a soap making demonstration in the home of Mrs. Gilbert Crowley in the Gentryville community Wednesday last week.
Faith with piety is a wonderful thing but it is experience and doubt that educates us.
Mrs. Howard Pettit and Mrs. Roy Adams left Ava Sunday enroute to Sacramento, California, where they will spend three weeks visiting with their husbands who are stationed at Camp Kohler. Both Mrs. Pettit and Mrs. Adams are employed in the local OPA office and are taking this short leave of absence.
After all, the holocaust of Europe today is simply a matter of history repeating itself. Read again the rise and fall of the Roman Empire.
Avalon Theatre “Lost Canyon” with Hopalong Casidy (William Boyd) back again in one of his famous Westerns. Plenty of action and plenty of thrills.
ROY – Mr. and Mrs. Ed Herrell and Juanita were Sunday dinner guests in the Corbett Brown home. Mrs. Dolen Dewhirst was an afternoon visitor.
SANDY –– Mrs. Belle Hodges visited Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Quentin Hodges.
Mr. and Mrs. Rube Farlin have moved into the Bristol house recently vacated by Mr. and Mrs. Bethel McKnight.
Corporal Arthur Miller, 35, son of Andy M. Miller, former postmaster at the old post offices at Basher and Bryant, was killed in action in North Africa Feb. 25, according to word received by his uncle, John Miller, of Route 2, Ava.
GOODVILLE –– Lyle Stubbs and May Lemons were married in Mountain Grove Saturday and they gave them an old time charivari Saturday night at the home of the bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Lemons, in the Glendale community.
WASOLA –– After a short stay in Wasola while looking for a location, Mr. and Mrs. George Henley moved last week to their former home near Thornfield. They had left there a few months ago to live on the Arthur Viles farm near Seymour.

100 Years Ago

A federal grand jury in session at Springfield last week returned an indictment against Barney Little, deputy county collector of Howell county on a charge of evading the army draft. It is charged that Mr. Little was under the age of 31 last June at the time of the general registration.
The Douglas County Citizens Dry Alliance was organized at a meeting of business men and farmers from over the county held at the Bank of Ava in this city Tuesday night. Plans for the organization were submitted by Dr. A.M. Livingston of Springfield. The purpose of the organization is to wage the campaign to put the dry amendment to the State Constitution “over” at the coming fall election. To utilize its influence to have the next session of the Missouri Legislature ratify the national prohibition amendment which would also make Missouri dry. When 36 state legislatures ratify the national amendment the U.S. will become dry. Following is the county organization: Jesse Mitchell, chairman; Wm. Giles, vice-chairman, eastern Dist.; Howard Hitchcock, vice-chairman, western dist.; Ralph McClendon, secy.-treas.; Jos. V. Pitts and Jno. Byng, associate headquarters comm.
Machinists and other skilled shop men are urged today by Lieut. R.B. Campbell, Navy Recruiting Officer of the Kansas City District, to enlist in the Navy and help muzzle the mad dogs of the sea. The age limits are 21 to 35 years, the pay is $55.50 a month, in addition to regular Government allowances.
Now the secret is out. The Kaiser started the war in part to get thrones for his large family of sons.
Americans have taken their first bit of territory from the Germans – And the American flag never goes backward. American troops have been giving the Germans one surprise after another. The first surprise was given when the men landed on French soil.
Marriage licenses were issued this week for Wesley Everett of Basher to Nora Miller of Bryant.
A large crowd gathered in the courtyard in Ava Tuesday when Sheriff Miller emptied five quarts of “booze” upon orders from the court. The whiskey was taken from John Lakey at the time he was arrested here on charges of bootlegging, and was introduced in court as evidence in the case. Lakey was fined $300.
At Pleasant Green, Benj. Pearson was elected director for three years. There was quite a discussion over the levy and when put to a vote the result was 40 cents for teachers fund and 10 cents for incidentals.
Several have corn already planted. Although it’s still pretty chilly we wish them luck with their early roasting ears.
OAK FOREST –– It is reported that small pox has broken out in several families in the Hickory Flatt district and that Mrs. Lula Lord’s little daughter also has them. We hope it will prove to be a mistake.
MT. ZION –– Some building is in progress at Mt. Zion. Mr. Ferguson from Seymour is doing the carpenter work on the Hailey house. J.S. Wallace is helping Geo. McFarlin put on the addition to his store.

125 Years ago

There will be no liquor or beer sold in South Carolina except by the state after July 1. Four of the most eminent legal firms in the state yesterday decided the matter. Soon after the passing of the law at the last session of the legislature the liquor dealers of the state formed an association and employed counsel to test its constitutionality. In the meantime the governor of the state is traveling in the West and North making arrangements to start the state barroom July 1. Under the new law the state will sell all the liquor and beer sold in South Carolina.
CAMDENTON, Mo., –– Arthur and Harry Johnson, the two boys in jail for burglary who broke jail a couple of nights ago and were captured 48-hours later, assaulted Sheriff Taylor and attempted to escape Saturday. The sheriff opened the door to admit two colored men, employed to clean up the jail, and had just stepped inside when he was set upon by the two prisoners with iron bars, and badly beaten about the head. He defended himself as best he could but was over powered. His colored attendants made a gallant fight and soon closed the door and blocked the escape. The prisoners then grabbed the keys and locked themselves again in their cell and only yielded at the muzzle of a shotgun.
There are 28 cities in this country having each more than 100,000 population.
A company has offered an enormous sum for the privilege of advertising on the pyramids.
A little Auburn, Mo. boy evidently has older sisters, for when the teacher asked him the other day to define the word “fellow” he spoke right up promptly and said: “A feller is somebody who comes to see ye.”
Governor Stone has passed a pardon to Samuel Whitaker convicted in Ozark County of grand larceny, and sent to the penitentiary for two years. His time was nearly out and he is wanted in the same county to answer to a second charge. He will be tried at the April term of court.
Wm. Parker, of Lincoln Township, was convicted the first of the week of cutting timber on school land. Sheriff Hancock has the gentleman at work on the courthouse square putting in gravel walks from the courthouse to the stiles. This is a much needed improvement, and the policy of working criminals on public improvements will also tend to lessen the lengthiness of a jail sentence in this county. Parker’s father was convicted of the same, but was given 30 days in which to rustle the necessary funds for paying his fine.
The spring rains are developing the fact that our streets are in need of repair. If some good man will apply for the position of street commissioner at the next meeting of the board of trustees he will be likely to get the job. Nothing adds more to the appearance of a town than good streets and neat sidewalks.
Jesse Huffman, of Roy, has located at Tulsa, Indian Territory, where he is awaiting the opening of the Cherokee Strip.
Frank Dewhirst mysteriously disappeared with his two children this morning. Mrs. Dewhirst has just arrived in Mansfield in pursuit. She is soliciting assistance to catch the escaped husband and recover her two children. Later information comes that Mrs. Dewhirst got off the train at a way station between here and Springfield and went 12 miles in the country in search of her truant husband.