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Historical Society Meets Aug. 21; Announces Plans to Raze Yellow House on the Corner

Douglas County Historical Society held its monthly meeting Aug. 21.
Pat called the meeting to order. Sharon gave the treasurer’s report and read the minutes from the July meeting. Both were approved.
Sharon gave a report on the quilt show and the winners were: Traveling quilt Holly Whitaker, 1st place Kim Pitts, 2nd place Becky O’Dell and 3rd place Nina Orchard. Congratulation to the winners and we were very happy with all the nice entries.
There were no two quilts alike and thanks to all that made it such a success and we will do it again next year. Bevy Moore entertained us with some songs from her new CD and we were lucky that she found the time to sing for everyone. She is a very busy lady, so we appreciate her sharing her talent with us.
Pat gave a report on the 4th of July celebration at Heart of the Ozarks and a discussion was held on doing it again next year.
Marilyn gave a report on some research that she was helping with.
We have a new volunteer at the museum and his name is George Freeman and if you see him, thank him for all the improvements he has made to the yard and parking lot. We would like to have more young people involved with the museum.
We then discussed, that since we have so many volunteers, that are sick or working long hours that we will not have any outside activities until next year.
We then discussed the yellow house which will be torn down in the coming month. If anyone is interested in anything from it we would be happy to give it to you. There is a furnace, hot water heater, inside doors, windows, storm doors and windows, kitchen cabinets, sink, stool and bathtub. There is also lumber on the floors and walls.
If you are interested in any of these come by the museum on Saturday or call 683-2536. You can get the stuff anytime, but we need to know you are at the house. We are not responsible for accidents while removing items from house. Anything that is left when the men come to tear it down, will go to the dump.
Our next meeting will be Sept. 18, and everyone is welcome.