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What About This…? 8.17.2017

As an addicted news junkie, sometimes you just cannot wait until Thursday to get the news from the Douglas County Herald, you want to know what’s going on this very moment. I’ve found a great way to satisfy that desire for the more immediate haps using the television morning shows.
But you ask, “How can anyone stand wading through that non-stop drivel of mouth-watering recipes, weight loss secrets, and celebrity peccadilloes even if accurate, timely news is shoehorned in between them?” The answer: the crawl line – that stream of written information moving across the bottom of the television screen that appears on some of the morning shows freely available even to those of us who choose not to receive cable or satellite television signals but pluck ours right out of the air with antennas.
The one I watch offers top stories, business news, sports, health stuff and so on, uninterrupted except for commercials (of course), musical performances ( a courtesy to the artists), and the weather spots (for no reason I can think of except contracts with the meteorologists).
This show can occasionally divert my attention from the crawl line by the excited utterances of the hosts or guests so I mute the television, but an eye-catching visual can still cause me to miss a crawl item. Lately, I have employed a technique that works just fine. I tape the show from 8:15 until its over, avoiding the (honest to Pete) TEN minutes or so of commercials at the top of the hour. Later, I rewind the tape, mute the sound, and read the crawl line at my very reduced speed of comprehension at that time of the morning, rewinding and rereading as necessary. Like all routines, it goes much faster and smoother than it sounds.
And it always amazes me that almost everything on the evening news was on that crawl line, nine hours or so earlier. Doesn’t anything happen after 8:00 a.m. EST?
I suppose while waiting for my Thursday delivery of the Douglas County Herald I could listen to the Brothers Corum on KKOZ in the morning and feed my addiction in that manner, but each time I do I end up buying really interesting and necessary stuff from the callers on the Trading Post. And then I spend a good deal of the afternoon explaining to Rosalie how each of those newly-purchased bargains may prove to be very valuable in the future.
Writing all this down underscores how being a news junkie can have its downside. Do you think I’d be better off switching my addiction back to caffeinated coffee?