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USPS Agent Honored For $8 Million International Fraud Investigation

The victim’s new and ex-girlfriends obtained orders of protection.
Wallis was observed following the victim’s minor son walking from the bus stop. The victim’s friends started to get the same treatment — vulgarity written on their homes, messages to their employers, accusations of cheating, threats or messages to their children. Fliers were sent to the victim’s son’s elementary school, accusing the victim of being a sex offender.
In presenting the Guardian of Justice Award to Throckmorton, Larson noted that she not only persisted through many difficulties and led a very challenging investigation, but became a victim herself in the process. E-mails and other messages were sent to her workplace by Wallis. Throckmorton had to move and take other safety precautions.
Working with the U.S. Attorney’s Office and the FBI’s Regional Computer Forensic Laboratory, Throckmorton was able to put her investigation together with the digital evidence obtained from social media services. This helped her identify Wallis’s location and the computers she was using so that a search warrant was obtained for Wallis’ residence.
When law enforcement searched Wallis’ home, they found a goldmine of frightening evidence, which led to her being charged in Jackson County in January 2015. This new evidence included the home address of Throckmorton, who herself had now become a target for Wallis.
Examiner Mark Johnson at the RCFL found a diary, which detailed step-by-step what Wallis had been doing for years. It was a log of the stalking and harassment, from putting chemicals in the irrigation system of the victim (to kill his lawn), to her repeated following him and his friends and family, to the numerous fake accounts she used to send her messages.
Cyberstalking and stalking cases are difficult to prosecute, Larson noted. This case had a profound impact on these victims, yet individual incidents were difficult to prove and by themselves misdemeanors. However, when Throckmorton was able to paint the complete picture, the true nature of this case became clear.
The annual Guardian of Justice Award recognizes a state or local officer as well as a federal agent for investigative excellence, selfless collaboration, tireless trial support, commendable diligence and professionalism, and noteworthy assistance to prosecution.
The prestigious law enforcement award is presented by the U.S. Attorney’s Office each year during the law enforcement training conference.