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What About This . . .? 6.8.2017

By Wayne William Cipriano

About this “Wall” that we’ve heard is going to be built across our southern border:  I’m not going to talk about the easily defeated aspect of any non-monitored wall; about the cost of it, monitored or not, paid by Mexico (very doubtful) or by the United States of America (almost certainly); the windfall for construc-tion companies and the American employment opportunities; whatever “moral” or “ethical” effects or “safety” assurity of the Wall; its span or its “holes” or its ends at the Pacific or the Gulf.  I’m not going to talk about the large reduction in illegal immigration we have recently seen nor how many attacks on our country have been conducted by illegals that would have been impeded by the Wall (about none!).

What I would like to discuss is my understanding of the reason we have illegal immigration from the south, and if that understanding is correct, what we could do to stop it without building a Wall.

I believe that most illegal immigrants come here for the money.  Simply put, they can sell their labor here for much more than they can at home.  I further believe that most would prefer taking the money they earn back home where it would go much farther than it goes here if they could pass over the border easily.  These beliefs of mine may be wrong, as might those of others who posit illegal immigrants work harder for less money, are less educated and less trained. Are more dangerous than natives or less so due to the threat of deportation, all of these beliefs subject to empirical examina-tion by germane and accurate statistics which no one seems willing to generate.

However, regardless of the veracity of such beliefs, and if my original contention holds (illegals come for the money), we could easily control the majority of such immigration by one strategy and pretty much wipe out the rest with a second.  The second strategy is to deny all governmental and social benefits, including public education, to any person unable to prove legal status.  I won’t argue the morality of doing so.  But it would work.

The other strategy is even simpler, much less distasteful, and would essentially stop illegal immigration:  jail those who hire illegals.

An employer detected hiring illegals would spend 24 hours in jail for every illegal they hired the first time they are caught. They would spend 30 days in jail for each one the second time.  And, a year in jail for each illegal employee the third time, and the fourth, etc.

Employers in danger of being ratted out anonymously for paying substandard wages or maintaining substandard working conditions, the two big attractions of illegal workers, would generally not take such risks with jail time and seek native workers for those jobs.

Which employers would actually go to jail? The highest ranking person in the business who knew about illegal hiring.  In a small business, the owner; in larger businesses, the personnel manager or whomever.  It’s very simple. If you can rat out someone above you in the organi-zation who knew, they take your place in the can.  If not, pack your toothbrush.

Now the easily mounted defense by an employer, what they were told by an illegal or what fraudulent documents they were shown, is unhorsed even more easily when we consider….statutory rape.

Unwilling to spend eternity with a stake of holly through my heart, I am not a lawyer, but I have been told that no matter how old a youngster may look, what age they may assert, even what “documents” they may display, a child is a child and a charge of statutory rape lurks in the future of any careless adult.

Likewise, what an illegal may look like, what they may tell an employer, or what documents they possess does not affect their actual status.  Careless employers would still be at risk.

How employers can protect themselves, how legal workers who “look illegal” can secure employ-ment from intimidated employers, and the many other questions that arise from such a possibly Draconian solution are grist for another article.  For my purposes here, if we wish to contain whatever illegal immigration that may be taking place, pretty much all we need do is prevent illegal immigrants from working for hire.

Put their employers in jail.