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Looking Backward 4.27.2017

   25 Years Ago

April 23, 1992


Opening day of the spring turkey hunting season saw a slightly lower kill this year, but it really wasn’t too bad considering weather conditions.  Hunters braved cool, wet conditions Monday for opening day, and conditions did not improve a great deal for Tuesday morning, which was also wet and cold.

Ava math students who participated in the regional contest at Springfield April 11 are Zach Johnson, Samantha Brown, Tyler McGill, Kris McGill, Stephen Stewart, Darren Graham, Jason Aricia, Jonathan Meyer, Desha Worth, Josh Flemming and Brad Siler.

Sesame Street may have Big Bird, but last Thursday and Friday Ava had Big Duck.  The mascot for the third annual Greater Ozarks Duck Race, sponsored by area Kiwanis Clubs.

Democratic candidate for gover-nor, Mel Carnahan, has appointed Charles Cooper as the Douglas County coordinator for Carnahan’s 1992 gubernatorial campaign.

Orville and Hazel (Clayton) Turner, of Bradleyville, will observe their 50th wedding anniversary on May 2.

Two Ava High School seniors have been awarded scholarships by Central Methodist College, Fayette, Mo.  Monte Dean Overcast has been awarded scholarships in achieve-ment and basketball, and Brian Lee Ross has been awarded scholarships in achievement and football.

BRUSHYKNOB –– George Taylor, former pastor of Brushy-knob church will be with us May 17 to share his mission work.

Brian Sherrill, Ava, took big bass honors at the April tournament of the Tri-County Bass Anglers.

Greenway Missionary Society met at the home of Mildred Watson, April 14.  Members present were Georgia Norman, Donna Alcorn, Esther Dye, Anna Halford, Mildred Watson and a guest Faye Wray.


50 Years Ago

 April 20, 1967


Lyle Gastineau, son of Mr. and Mrs. Dick Gastineau of Ava, won the second grand prize at the SA Science Fair at the University of Missouri at Rolla last week. His project is “Gas Chromatography.”

The Parent-Teachers Association of Skyline announces new officers, Lola Gray, president; Mary Lakey, vice-president; and Robert Alsup, secretary-treasurer.

State Trooper Bill Davis reports this week that investigation is continuing by the state police and the Douglas County Sheriff’s office into the break-in at the Skyline School.  Trooper Davis said that in addition to approximately $20 stolen from Principal Lon Penner’s office, the following items were discovered taken: three-dozen eggs, 19 cups of ice cream, four 3-lb. boxes of lard, two boxes of crackers, two and a half pounds of cheese and six cans of orange juice.

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hutchison were in Springfield Friday night and attended a modern dance concert given in the Parkview High School auditorium. The special program was given by the student dancers, a physical education class at Southwest Missouri State College.  Mary Martha, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hutchison, was a member of the group.

Larry Hesterly, son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hesterly of Brushyknob, is attending school for radio operators at Fort Gordon, Ga. Hesterly entered the Army in November and completed his basic training at Fort Leonard Wood.

FFA Chapter award winners are Bob Holmes, FFA Chapter Dairy Heifer Award; Jim Bolte, Scholar-ship Award; Robert Miller, third place in electricity award; Sam Shipps, Crop Farming Award; Loy Shortt, first place electricity award; and Rick Dye, third place electricity award.

STAR –– Francis McFarlin spent Friday night with his grandmother, Mrs. Mertie McFarlin.

Pvt. Mikey Strong completed his basic training at Fort Leonard Wood and is stationed at Fort Sam Houston.  Pvt. Strong will be in training for 13 weeks for the medics.

Sp4 Howard Strong, who is serving with the 10th Infantry in South Viet Nam has been awarded the Combat Infantryman Badge in Operation Junction City, the largest military operation to date in Viet Nam.

Members of the Ava Independent Basketball team won first place in the independent tournament held here recently.  Members of the championship team are James Fleetwood, Tommy Hollis, Dale Russell, Ronnie Nall, Benton Stephens, Fred Bacorn, Ronnie Lansdown, Larry Silvey and Tom Halford.

Take Your Medicine –– What he calls conversation, we call filibuster.    …   New highways take you much faster to where there is no place to park.   …   The brain never gets muscle-bound. Unfortunately, neither does the tongue.   …    Traffic sign on an Alabama highway: “The time you save speeding will be spent in jail.”


75 Years Ago

April 23, 1942


A demonstration of an actual incendiary bomb conducted by O. M. Swick, chief of the Ava fire department, May 2, will be a main feature of the Lions Club spring festival to be held on the public square in Ava Friday and Saturday nights, it is announced by C. V. Clinkingbeard, chairman of the club’s festival committee.

Ava school officials this week announced the names of the 15 highest ranking seniors in scholastic standing –– the top 15 of a class of 83.  In order of their standing are: Dortheta Swearengin, Mary Eleanor Wiggins, Marjorie Johnson, Ruth Garrison, Eileen Rogers, Louis Clinkingbeard, Peggy Lee, Eugene Clinkingbeard, Willamae Burdett, Maxine Simpson, Earl Gray, Jessie Marie Nichols, Maxine Swearengin, Charles Adams and Ruby Lee Harvey.

Elzie Hutchison, who has been in the midst of sea fighting with the Japanese in the southwest Pacific, is alive and well although one submarine he was on has been destroyed.

Tokyo radio announced Saturday that enemy bombers have attacked the city for the first time in the current war, inflicting damage on schools and hospitals.  Some Japanese factories were reported destroyed during the 1,000 mile trip of the bombers (believed to be American) and explosive and incendiary bombs were also dropped on Yokohama, Kobe and Nagoya, the capital, two main ports and aircraft production center.

Ava will be on the air over radio station KWTO for one program each week on the Meek Lumber Company program broadcast at 12:45 o’clock Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, it is announced this week by R.C. Gritzmaker, manager of the Ava Lumber Company, one of the yards owned by Meek Lumber Company.

  1. TABOR –– Mt. Tabor school board met Thursday last week and hired Mrs. Vivian Mallernee Robertson and Rev. Howard Whilhoit of Ozark County to teach our school the coming year.

Avalon Theatre – “Nevada City” Follow the action trail with a lone raider against a bunch of outlaw killers.  Starring Roy Rogers, Sally Payne, and George “Gabby” Hayes.

WEST LIBERTY –– Those from West Liberty that attended the stork shower given in the home of Mrs. George Heatherly in honor of Mrs. James Heatherly were Mrs. Robert McFarlin, Mrs. Neil McFarlin and Nancy Jane McFarlin.

THE SNOOP –– Douglas County is playing no small part in the war effort.  In addition to her sons, she is contributing thousands of gallons of milk for use by the armed forces. Thousands of pounds of cheese will be shipped each year to our allies.  Oak lumber from our Douglas County hills is going to every part of the nation to take its place in bridges, to be used in the construction of railroad cars, and anyplace else that stout oak timber might be needed.  Yes, indeed, Douglas County is contributing to the defense of the nation.


100 Years Ago

April 26, 1917


The British and French War Commissions have arrived safely in the United States, and are this week holding secret counsels in Washing-ton with the President and other United States officials. In substance, British foreign secretary James Balfour, has the following to say to America: “Realize, people of America, that you face a real fight. And be prepared for great individual sacrifice – for it will be demanded.”

HIGH SCHOOL –– The May Queen Contest has come to an end.  Miss Ethel Spurlock was elected.

The annual graduating exercise of the Rural Schools of the county will be held in Ava, Saturday, May 12.  There will be approximately 130 graduates from the 8th grade this year, all of whom will receive their diplomas at this time.  Superinten-dent T.J. Moorhouse finished grading the papers this week and announces that Miss Alice Doolen, age 14, daughter of Mrs. Nellie Doolen of Dora, and graduate from the Bethany School has made the highest average in the county.  Miss Doolen will be awarded the four-year scholarship offered by the Ava High School to the student making the highest average in the county in the 8th grade examination.  Her average was 95.57.  Miss Gola Denney, age 12, of Flat Rock School has won second place with an average of 95.37, and will receive a three-year scholarship.

Several sticks of dynamite were found in a car of coal that was being unloaded in Willow Springs last week.  A fuse and cap were found in one stick.  Frisco officials are inves-tigating the matter.  It is thought that the dynamite was placed in the car by some enemy of the United States with the hope of crippling trans-portation facilities.

H.M. Curnutt, H.S. Wilson, Cole Coffeen, Dewey Mankin and Willie Dickinson left yesterday noon for St. Louis in Mr. Curnutt’s car.  They will drive three new Fords back for M.C. Reynolds, agent here.

Approximately 225 students in the University of Missouri have been excused from the institution to do work on the farms of Missouri and other states.  The University is one of the first to recognize this urgent need of the country by a release of the students. All will be required to furnish written evidence of their work before receiving credit this semester.  The University has recognized the necessity of growing food production to its maximum and for this reason have given students the opportunity to “enlist for the farm.”


125 Years Ago

April 28, 1892


The much talked of duel between Edward Fox and Hallet Alsop Borrowe took place Saturday after-noon on the seashore at Nieuport Rains, near Ostend.  It was arranged between the seconds that their principals should each fire two shots at 12 paces, and this program was carried out.  The weapons used were dueling pistols of 45 caliber.  The duel resulted in nothing worse than a triple perforation of the skirt of Fox’s new fresh coat, but was as a close a call as a man often has.

Charles Emery Smith, United States minister to Russia has left for home and will probably never return to St. Petersburg.

San Antonio citizens have organized a force to assist the police in patrolling the city and stamping out the rampant fire bugs.

A Knoxville, Tenn., woman is reported as having walked the first time in over 21 years, after prayer and reading the sermon on the Mount.

The price of zinc went up four dollars per ton at the Joplin mines last week.

Mrs. Biddolph Martin, better known as Victoria Woodhall, has come back from England to be elected president of the United States.

Mr. Gladstone has written a pamphlet on the question of female suffrage in which he gives his reasons for opposing the enfran-chisement of women.  He considers that the question ought to be further discussed by the press, and on the platform, and that the time is not yet ripe for legislative interference.

The Ava Normal School is still on the boom.  Four new students Monday.  If the present rate of increase continues additional accommodations will be necessary in the future.

Dr. A. Davis has rented the old Miller drug store and is putting in a stock of drugs.

Killing fish by the use of dynamite is becoming too frequent, and is a violation of law which should not go unpunished.

  1. C. Wood was in town Tuesday purchasing goods for his general merchandise establishment located north of Roy.

On Wednesday evening, April 20, Harry Miller was accidentally shot by John Turner. They were out turkey hunting near Beaver, Spring Creek, and Turner mistook Miller for a turkey and shot, the ball hitting him in the shoulder, ranging downward and passed out through his lungs.  Dr. M. H. Osborn is attending the wounded man and reports the case is serious.

Last Sunday evening an altercation arose in Uncle Ben Lowell’s establishment between Neal Duggan and Andy Widener who were both considerably under the influence of liquor, finally resulting in Widener being cut on the head just above the left ear, in the back just above the left kidney and in the leg and a minor cut in the breast.  Manuel Coday was also cut on the throat while endeavoring to prevent Duggan from stabbing Andy. It was surely a miraculous escape for Coday.  Widener was taken to the Farmer House and is being cared for by Dr. Webb, who reports his patient getting along.  Duggan was arrested and is now in confinement.