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City Council Holds Nov. 22 Meeting

By Sue Curry Jones

A brief council meeting was held Tuesday, Nov. 22, with the focus of the afternoon agenda project updates, as only one decision-making vote transpired during the meeting.  And, since no pressing topics were slated for executive session, a closed meeting was not held.

Aldermen present for the session were Burrely Loftin, Keith Jones and Stan Lovan. Leon Harris was absent.

Councilmen once again reviewed the proposed plan for implementing a memorial park bench policy for the City of Ava.  Without any additional discussion, council decided to adopt the policy in a unanimous vote.

As previously discussed, the policy offers two types of memorial bench styles: wood on cast aluminum, with a mounted name plaque; or a bench of recycled vinyl with a name plaque.  The policy states benches will honor individuals that have been deceased one year; no groups or organizations will be considered.  City employees are responsible for installation of the benches, as well as on-going upkeep and repair.

In turn, donors are responsible for all costs, which includes the cost of the bench, plaque, installation, and a $500.00 fee for materials, handling and future expenses.

The new park bench rules were adopted by resolution.

Mayor David Norman reported tuck-pointing improvements, which are needed on the south side of City Hall, will be done by Brad Evans.  The project is being facilitated to eliminate water seepage from the wall into the building.

Norman noted recycling efforts continue to make progress as two of the compactors previously held at the DoCo Shelter location were recently transported to the new recycling site south of Ava.  Norman said two additional compactors will be moved to J & L Recycling this week.  He also noted, at a later date, the serial numbers of the balers, and the VIN number of the pick-up truck will be transferred from the Shelter.  City Attorney Larry Tyrrell will draw up the papers and oversee the ownership transfer.

Referencing city garage sale items sold several weeks ago, Norman reported additional items have been sold and the tally is around $2500. Norman said an interested buyer is coming to look at the large desk still for sale, so more money may be added to the total.

Administrative Director Peggy Porter said the City of Ava’s auditing firm has tentative plans to attend the Tuesday, Dec. 13 council meeting, and provide an overview of the city audit.  Porter stated the presentation needs to occur before the end of this year, to meet the Dec. 31 deadlines.

Norman once again instructed that the City of Ava will hold an election on Tuesday, April 4, 2017, with the purpose to elect a mayor and one aldermen from each ward.  Candidate filing opens Tuesday, Dec. 13.  Two council terms are expiring, and those seats are presently held by Leon Harris and Burrely Loftin.  Both offices are two-year terms.

Council will reconvene Tuesday, Dec. 13, at 5:00 p.m., a session that will likely be the last council meeting in 2016, as city officials tentatively made plans to cancel the Dec. 27 meeting.