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City Council Holds Informal Sessions

By Sue Curry Jones

Mayor David Norman and three city aldermen held a special work session on Tuesday, Oct. 4, to meet with landscaper Zach Uhing, and review options for improving the grounds around City Hall.  In the meeting, Uhing provided a sketch of his landscaping suggestions, giving councilmen and the mayor an overview of the proposed placement of ornamental plants and evergreens suggested for the site.

Uhing noted his offer includes a one-year warranty on plants, and a drip irrigation system for watering.  He said the bid incorporates weather hardy plants that require little or no maintenance.

Looking at costs of the project, Uhing’s bid is $8,800, considerably lower than the plan from Wickman’s Gardens in Springfield for $29,000, and Spirit of Nature Landscaping of Mansfield, for $20,645.

Council held the meeting on Tuesday to further clarify bid details and gain a better understanding of plant varieties and placement.

Councilmen Stan Lovan, Burrely Loftin and Keith Jones were present; Leon Harris was absent.

The mayor and aldermen also held an informal meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 5, to discuss issues regarding recycling. Presiding Commissioner Lance Stillings and Jeff Searcy, of J&L Recycling, also attended the session.

Both meetings were informal get-togethers which focused on project clarification and data gathering.